By joolsie - United Kingdom
Today, after a particularly gruesome nightmare about spiders due to my irrational phobia, I decided to try and desensitise myself by googling 'house spiders'. I can't stop the feeling of something crawling over every inch of my body, but at least I now know they can live up to six years. FML
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  0671241409  |  0

also in your lifetime your will swallow around 8 spiders in your sleep because they sometime crawl into your mouth. just thought the op might like to know that :D

  jasonsaied  |  1

hahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha 104

  inuyashagirl  |  0

when there's a spider in my room, I'm always too squeemish to squash it so I trap it in a box and set it free. one time I forgot to set it free though and I found an old dried up spider a month later. XD hehe