By homealone - United States - Poughkeepsie
Today, after a long day at work, I fell asleep in my living room. When I woke up, I saw a man leaving my bedroom wearing my pajamas, and I started screaming as he casually left. The cops came and apparently he's mentally ill. He truly believed it was his house. FML
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Ultimate Batman by arse. instead of doing stupid short unrelated to the topic memes based comments you should do legit comments tapered with something batman-y. like "that sounds most unpleasant, OP. I would have screamed too. Just like when my parents were killed right in front of me" or "Do you mean mentally ill or mentally challenged instead?? Or maybe alzheimmers? Is that a mental illness even? I don't see someone with depression or anxiety just being all OOPS wrong house... room... pajamas... people I live with. my bad. And that sliding by the cops. Also, I am totally not a billionaire named Bruce Wayne."

By  trucker2  |  33

Good thing you didn't shoot now, and ask questions later.... I'd have been scared wake up and find someone in my home, much less wearing my pj's

By  GhostFox  |  33

I have to say that you reacted way better than I would have... I really would have freaked out and probably would have hurt either myself, the intruder, or both.

Still, sounds like he needs a watcher or that his watcher needs a kick to the rear for letting him wander off.

Hope you aren't too rattled by the experience OP.

By  sarcasmismyno1  |  22

Downside: creepy dude in your house.

Up side: he was harmless and had awesome taste in PJ's.

Coulda been worse. Maybe once he gets treatment he can be a new shopping buddy.