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Today, after a long bike-ride home, I thought my roommate was being a douche and holding the door shut to our apartment. After about ten minutes of shoulder-slamming and name calling, I discovered that I just wasn't turning the key all the way, which I found out when my roomie came home. FML
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  alpaquette91  |  9

Ugh you know, I typed this comment the first time, and it was lost. So I re typed it, but there was a delay so I couldn't go edit it. I'm usually very diligent when it comes to typing and fixing auto corrects.


FeLol @ wreck their hair to be blonde what do you mean by wreck it? And it's fun to make fun of friends who are blonde my hubby is blonde and I always make fun of him and he makes fun of me by saying I must have been blonde in a previous life lol

  Enigmax2514  |  7

So 74 your stomach can't digest all those skittles? And 76 stfu you're just plain random and dumb this is the issue of stereotyping not how they dye their hair


The difference is that I'm not getting paid or give two fucks about your moronic opinion.

If I'm such a "failing plight" why do you keep commenting under my comment? To get attention maybe.

Bottom line: You're a failure in all aspects of life, move on.