By sorenips - 03/10/2011 23:19 - Canada

Today, after a great treadmill run at my gym, I noticed a stain on my clothing. Apparently my nipple chafed so badly that it bled through my white t-shirt, and I'd walked around the gym completely oblivious. FML
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...what the hell?

If this is a female, why would you not wear a sports bra or something if that nature to the gym. If this is a man, FYL since you must have some huge nipples...


...what the hell?

You must make Kool-Aid instead of milk.

Damnn that sucks. Your shirt must be like sandpaper! :/

Cherry kool aid! Lmao

I feel like knowing OP's gender would explain things, but then again maybe not...

I wear pasties everyday just so my nipples don't get so aroused

Did your shirt happen to be made of sandpaper?

Jesus do you not have nerve endings in your nipples OP ? I've had chaffed nipples once (definitely not to the point of bleeding!), and they bloody hurt!

Bloody what Mate.

Y'all must not run long distances, and I don't blame y'all! After about 12 miles, your nipples normally start bleeding while running, no joke. I run marathons when I can, and you have to tape your nipples before you run, gross, I know.

Ouch - how did you not feel that?

That's just wrong

Damn that's a rough shirt!

You need some "nip gaurds"

I used to put the mini circle band aids on my nipples. They burn like hell after running, especially when you take a shower. The bad thing is that you never notice it until you are finish running. It happened to me just after 6 miles.

I guess I must have tough titties!

It's not the shirt, it's the sweat. As you run, the water evaporates, leaving salts. The more you know~

Was it dragging on the floor?

So apparently 86 has tough titties

It's even more embarrassing when you spell embarrassing incorrectly on a comment of an FML

Saw you at the galleria a while ago..,

I am not from an english country and I live in a cage :(

Was referring to "ash"

Anyone think of Andy from The Office? lol

I love it when I meet people that watch TO

what gym do you go to?(;

**blows rape whistle**

Umm and why do you want to know that???? ...Stalker

Rapppeeee!!! Rapppe!!! R-A-P-E get the fuck away from me!

Ever thought that this was a boy..?

Poor you!! Better sports bra for you.

But... What if OP's a guy?

Sports bra's know no gender.

If OP is a man, bring out the Bro/manssiere

Haha. A dudes sports bra is a sports bro. But really, I heard petroleum jelly prevents/cures that. Ps. I learned that from How I met Your Mother. Poor Marshal. That is all.

That is just awkward, how could you not feel the wet spot.

Forget the wet did they not notice their shirt rubbing their nipple off..?

Ahahah love the name

If this is a female, why would you not wear a sports bra or something if that nature to the gym. If this is a man, FYL since you must have some huge nipples...

Hahaha!!! So true! These have 2b man boob nipples we're talking about!

I guess u guys don't run..... U don't have to be fat and have your nipple rub off And some times u don't feel it.

Solution- Supple Nips- fun caps that actually grow your nipples and increase nerve feelings for extra pleasure. And no, guys your not gay if you use them. 20% of men are lucky enough to get sexually aroused from their nipples, (straight men included). Just means your girlfriend/wife has more to play with than your penis.

And nobody told you! What dicks.

Cutest puppy ever...

So you would go up to someone and say "your tit is bleeding."

You wouldn't happen to be related to Andy from the office would you?

I was wondering if anyone would bring that up.

Any idea which season/episode number this was on? I must've missed that one! (Though I haven't got a clue how!)

Season 1 episode 5 I think lol It's the one about rabies, a rerun was on tv last night...

Definitely not season 1. Probably 4. Could be wrong. Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Rabies Awareness Fun Run for the Cure..."I ate more fettucini Alfredo and drank less water than I ever did in my life."

Season 4 ep. 1

Season 4 episode 1. Fun Run parts 1 and 2. Where did u come up with season 1 episode 5??

Body glide is a very good thing when run ing long distances.

Charlie Sheen probably sucked your nipples without you knowing. He likes it rough.