By Nathanael Johnson - Australia
Today, after a fun movie night, I found a note on my fridge saying, “It was delicious.” I don’t know what it is referring to, since nothing is missing and we didn’t eat anything during the movie. FML
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By  KittyMack  |  13

Probably just a goofy metaphor for "very nice". I have been told my outfit was "delicious" before. The kids these days never stop calling cuties "a snack". I can't recall a night out ever being described this way but I can easily believe either I am just unaware of such or the note leaver is awkward, ditzy, or was intoxicated, and they clumsily misused an expression. Or it was intended to be clumsy- acting dorky ironically to be funny isn't rare.
Or if you insist it was literal... is it possible they ate a decorative soap or something? The note could be a joking way of acknowledging such a mistake.
But my money's on them simply meaning that they found the evening enjoyable and satisfying; your company is like a good meal.