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Today, after a few months of my neighbors friend parking outside his house and honking until he came outside, I happened to be out doing lawn work. I politely screamed "STOP HONKING YOUR F***ING HORN!" To which they responded by moving in front of MY house and holding down their horn. I hate people. FML
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  brianjman14  |  22

Shane Dawson FTW!

But anyway, OP, how do you POLITELY say "STOP HONKING YOUR FUCKING HORN!?" Yeah, I know that's annoying, but you could have just walked over and said "Stop honking your horn." to his face. But that was an asshole thing to do for the driver. I'm pretty sure that's considered disturbing the peace, and you can call the cops on that.

  brianjman14  |  22


1. If they disturb you, then you don't have to look at my pic. -.-

2. I have something called Nunan's Syndrome (or however it's spelled) and it's a symptom called Webneck. I'm going to get plastic surgery for it in some months, though.

  MagnaV30  |  0

I doubt I would have been much more polite than the OP was.
In fact, it probably would of had me walking up, opening their hood, and cutting the horn leads.

  omfgrofl1337  |  0

you should have proceeded to key his car right in front of him, op. to make it so that you wont get in trouble, mow the lawn near him and "slip" and let the mower scratch the heck out of the car and just say you lost control.

  graciedacie  |  0

@67-- Why?! Why do you feel the need to insult someone, completely off topic, who never did anything to you? I hope you would never be that rude in person; that you're just one of those people with no self-esteem who acts like a jerk online....

  pinkzilla0  |  8

I hate mean people who have horns. something similar happened to me yesterday. some lady was in her cars right out in front of our house honking her damn horn trying to get someone to come out of the house across the street. I wanted to go tell her to get her fat lazy ass out of her car and knock on the door. but I didn't. if she does it again, I will follow her back to her house and honk my horn for five minutes. I feel your pain OP, I feel your pain.



ok umm i dont think u can hate people since u urself r a person unless u hate urself to.

well thats happen to me to same shit except it was my ex gf parents so i pulled down my pants and said " this is wat i scrwed ur daughter with!!! " ;)


actually my ex jumped in front of me while her dad was cursing at me and her moms jaw dropped none of them expected that but they didnt see any thing i was wearing boxers lol

  ItsJustMe17  |  9

even calling???
WHY would someone be so inconsiderate as to honk their horn in front of someone, who has neighbors, house until they come outside???

  tencentsakiss  |  19

Because, 8, I think the extreme politeness of their words counteracted the fact that they screamed it. They were sure to only select the kindess words, and it isn't his fault if the guy took it wrong :]

  SeedlessMe  |  13

Yeah, exactly. Happened to me- and it was a school bus! I was going to figure out a 'nice' way to yell at him as well... though without scaring the children...