By Dopeydancer - United Kingdom
Today, after a few drinks with some mates at a bar, we were invited to the dancefloor with some girls. After some dancing and flirting, I felt a cheeky squeeze on my backside, and so I quickly returned the favour without looking back. A few minutes later at the bar, I realised my wallet was gone. FML
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  eliz3  |  0

"too much fun", due to the fact I live in England and actually am English, I am more likely than yourself to know whether we all have bad teeth or not. And we don't.

  Illumi113  |  0

What is wrong with you homophobic trolls? You immediately assume that the OP is gay and say he deserves whatever happened for being gay. Do you think that it's funny to make everybody on the site hate your guts? People like you should die painfully. I hope you realize that any reasonable person would rather be gay than be one of the contemptible sons of bitches who constantly bash gays as if they're inherently evil.

By  lolwatlol  |  0

why the fuck was your wallet there in the first place? Might as well wear a sign in your ass that says "STEAL MY WALLET, I LIKE IT... AND WHILE YOU ARE AT IT PINCH MY ASS"