By erdot - Romania - Bucuresti
Today, after 7 years of writing my PhD thesis, I found a book containing all the exact findings I've spent arduous hours, nay, years discovering. My tutoring professor somehow forgot to mention I was discovering sealing wax. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Have you juxtaposed that with shoes and ships and cabbages and kings? You might just have something there!

Doesn’t research start first with a literature search to prevent disasters like this? Also, replicating earlier findings also have value in strengthening science.

By  whatsername  |  1

If you had spent years of dedicated work towards your thesis, how did you not stumble upon it sooner? Seems kind of crappy for you to put this all on your advisor if you're the one trying to prove an already proven thesis.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

"My discovery is going to be amazing!"
"It's sealing wax."
"But I've only just found it."
"Yeah, sorry. It's been around for a few hundred years."
"You could have told me!"
"Hey, you're the one studying for a PhD. You're supposed to be smart."