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  ICaughtFire  |  4

Eh, you can't even see her face so you don't really know if she's hot. We do know, however, that she is, at the least, a brown bag special right? I'm sure she can't even move in those pants, and I'm glad there isn't a mirror in the back or we would all be getting a nice shot of buttcrack.

  aleagator  |  10

i wouldn't go that far, I'm sure she's a nice girl. but it is true that if she didn't wear that she wouldn't be getting the attention. I apologize to the people who got offended by my comment. and to the lady I was commenting on.

  Kebby8D  |  2

wow. Just wait until you're 46, I'm sure you'll be more sympathetic then.
btw, your outfit makes you look rather trashy. that's just me using polite terms

  cmyk  |  19

I found it sweet. It's a kid!
He ment no harm, he helped you! Stop being so whiny, suck it up and sign the damn sheet. Or tell him what elderly means.