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Today, a woman on the train demanded I give up my seat for her, claiming it was for people with disabilities. Tired from a long day at work, and seeing she had nothing wrong with her, I asked what her disability was. Apparently, obesity is one. FML
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  Inheritance  |  10

Yes but after walking back and forth all day to the refrigerator, she has to glue her ass to the couch. Though you burn more calories standing versus sitting, she can stand.

  FYLDipShit  |  4

People with obesity shouldnt get a handicap sign to park closer to stores, restaurants, etc. they should get a "special" sign that makes them park in the back of the parking lot to make them walk further


If we're talking about your usual obese person who should be thankful to burn off the extra calories then no, it's not a disability. If, however, someone reaches the category of morbidly obese (i.e. BMI of 40 or higher) then yes, it is considered a disability. Laugh all you want, but people get so fat that the bones can't support that weight.

  letmehavemytea  |  21

11-then maybe they should stop eating so much, or in that off chance that it's a genetic problem, get some medical help.
There's no excuse for letting yourself go so much that you become obese.
I hate people who complain about their weight and talk about how people judge them do it when they're not even trying to lose it. I used to be fat myself but I worked and stopped eating so much and I changed my entire diet to get where I am now.

  S182  |  15

Well... It does make you less able to do things.. So yes it is a disability... However, it's self inflicted and completely reversible.

  Posthuman  |  26

45, being fat also opens up a world of possibilities! like being a human punching bag, developing a new liposuction technique, and, of course, new cooking recipes

  X_Codes  |  11

@57 - There are also hormonal conditions, usually genetic, that can cause obesity, although I'm not sure to what degree.

Also, BMI isn't necessarily a good indicator of health or fitness. An online BMI calculator would probably say that your typical professional offensive lineman (American Football) was obese, but I'll be damned if they're not among the most physically fit people you see on TV.


It's one thing to have a chemical imbalance that makes it harder to lose weight, but it's become a whole new thing when people use that as an excuse to eat anything they want. If you know you have thyroid problems (for example) you shouldn't stuff your face with fried food constantly, you should eat healthier so your body can at least attempt to lose the excess weight. I lost 35 pounds in 4 months by eating healthy and working out. All it takes is determination and setting a goal.

  djgoreo  |  12

146-There are physical ways of determining BMI. I did a test recently where you enter height weight age AND you squeeze the device for a certain amount of time. I think it's accurate within like 3% body fat.

  katie72  |  6

The problem is that people with lower iqs and education levels are statistically more likely to reproduce, and the intelligent, and the educated, choose not to reproduce. The over all population's intelligence is declining because of this trend.

By  oreily12  |  23

Gotta love America

  Czech_Zidane  |  14

#8 - because why they "believe" that being fat is a disease? Because they would have to live healthy and do not eat and eat and eat in McD and such... it is EASIER to think that obesity is a disease, you know...

  MP78_fml  |  7

They is generalized and offensive. I live in America, I'm 5'4 and weigh about 120 pounds. Generalizations lead to misconceptions, judgement, and discrimination, but apparently it's okay if it's about a different country, right? I mean, it's not like you're a part of the same human race or anything.

  feefifofumxx  |  13

Oh, the American doesn't appreciate stereotyping. I lived there for ten years, and all I ever got was, "You're from Canada... So, it snows year round, right?" Americans ARE fatter on average: fact.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

139, it is "definitely". For some reason, most people get this word wrong. This is my first time correcting spelling so no need to bash me for stating a fact.

  DocBastard  |  38

You've just been nominated for "Asinine Comment of the Day". Congratulations!

Seriously, is that how you treat people with problems? Tease them? Do you think that will help them lose weight, or does making people feel worse about themselves make you feel better about yourself somehow?

  gc327072  |  29

Weight is easy to lose. Just get Pyramid Head to help you out!

As this testimonial from a lady in Silent Hill says: "I lost 20 pounds in 5 seconds after switching to the Pyramid Head plan!"


  neeni88  |  23

This is one of the times I feel DocBastard deserved a thumb up... Other than the fact that he's being a little hypocritical (cause he puts people down a lot) the original comment was pretty mean to imply that obese people are so desperate for food that they'd eat it off the ground.


Just because you see someone walking fine, or who looks fine, does not mean they are not handicap. That's what an invisible illness is. I look perfectly fine, but i faint easily when standing, and my joints can't hold their own weight. Somedays i'm fine and others i can't even get out of bed due to the pain. There are plenty of people out there that abuse that privilege, but don't be so quick to judge. Especially when your posting it on a social network for everyone to see.

By  charvisioku  |  22

Eh? That's shameful.
It also makes it even harder for people with genuine invisible disabilities (e.g. severe hyper-mobility disorder). Stupid bitch just needs to quit with the twinkies.

  missbrad  |  4

I have hypermobility too. It's not uncommon, just miss diagnosed. But of course every case is different and most are not as severe as others. You can get a spiral brace if you live in Australia