By charliemann_ - United States
Today, a woman came into the gas station where I work, yelling because her credit card wouldn't read at the pump. I politely told her that I could set the pump up for a set amount, and she could swipe the card at the register. Her response: "You need Jesus." FML
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  chika_yeaah23  |  0

24- why gas stations would do what? not read a card at the pump? I'm nit sure that it was intentional by the gas station. every store has problems with some kind of card.

anyways she needs to get laid. or something to hype up her life.

  Keyman1212  |  14

I was being serious 94. Jesus can really "save" you from some nasty credit situations. They really crucify him at work though, he has to work for all his children, which he sometimes calls lambs. But I mean, he'll do anything for you, including walking on water to save you from sinking into debt.

  Aberzhulan  |  4

Usually, if the card doesn't work at the pump it's because the pump had problems reading the card, or the user did something wrong, etc.

And nobody wants to just turn on a pump, because the person can just not pay for their fuel.

  1badws6  |  0

I hate when people say Jesus created EVERYTHING. When in real life hard working men and women created Everything. And that shouldn't be taken away from them in anyway