By Anonymous - 12/10/2015 09:18 - United Kingdom

Today, a woman at work told me that her kid had puked into "a storage bin" in the office. It wasn't a storage bin, it was the outgoing mail tray on the side of my desk containing important contract documents that had to be posted by 5pm that day. FML
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I hate idiots like this.

Well, sounds like the mail wasn't the only thing that was outgoing. I'm sorry OP :-/


At least she didn't v-omit this information.

you need to re-cheque that pun.

This just doesn't work.

Well, sounds like the mail wasn't the only thing that was outgoing. I'm sorry OP :-/

How could a kid be let into the office? Was it take your kid to work day?

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They let them in our office too :/

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Some offices don't really care if someone's kid is at work, i've been to my dad's office quite a few times if he didn't have much work.

My office lets them in if they're off school or something. People also bring in their dogs sometimes.

I hate idiots like this.

This is terrible, but hopefully can be sorted with some re-printing and a few phone calls. Ask the mother for a hand with it all :)

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I'm sure the woman knew her kid was sick. It's her fault for not taking him/her to the bathroom and probably telling him where to puke. Hopefully you can get the documents and try to take copies so you don't have to do everything again :/

hopefully it wasn't too many documents

that sucks, better start redoing it if you still have time

That sounds terrible! Good luck with that! Poor kid too his mom should have been more attentive if he was sick

Why did she have her kid at work?