By Anonymous - 28/02/2010 11:16 - Canada

Today, a wild squirrel managed to get into my house. I can't see him but I hear him in the walls. FML
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He comes in the night, and he brings nuts...

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I know right? Picture hearing that all night..

this is funny scary shit!

stuff food into the wall so te squirrel will get too fat to run around in ur walls

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haha :)

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If you hear a rattle you'll know it's a male

hahahaha, I'm sorry but that's just hilarious.

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lol but how do you know it's a squirrel. you can only hear it. maybe it's worse.

Don't worry it will die eventually. But then it will start to smell...

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ok, who said ydi and why? the op totally does not deserve this

So you posted it on FML... instead of calling pest/animal control. YDI

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Well if a squirrel can manage to make it inside your wall you probably have a bunch of insects and other stuff inside there too.

rofl I wish I had a pet wall squirrel:)

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That squirrel's a stud

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lol @12 "Picture HEARING that..." lolwut?!

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But your tame squirrel is fine right?

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Agreed, squirrels are awesome. Not an FML, the true FML is for everyone else and is: Today, I didn't have a wild squirrel come into my house. FML

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Well I meant can you picture yourself in bed late at night hearing little scratching sounds while you're trying to sleep, but yea I could have worded it better lol.

as opposed to a tame squirrel?

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Maybe it's Conker, The alchoholic Squirel, who will destroy you and others in your sleep. Conkers Bad Fur Day FTW! But anyway, you can't even let a poor homeless (possibly alchoholic) squirel live in your Walls? He's homeless, let him live with you. And enjoy your new roomate OP. :D

he's everywhere and yet, nowhere in fact he's watching right now, probably with his little squirrel axe.

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ahh I would cry

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today I got into someones house. I'm stuck in the walls and I hear these constant man-squeels

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#151 ftw. :) FYL for having a hyperactive rodent in your walls ... BUT call animal control OP. Because if you don't? YDI.

happen to my friend, we flipped over furniture in his house for like four hours till we caught it, turns out when poked a angry squirles growls like it's possesed by the devil and tries to eat your face, it allso climbs on celings (upsidedown) and likes to scare the shit out of you bye falling/jumping/running at you, great memories though. invite some friends over and make it a little hunting party :D

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don't worry, it will just eat u in ur sleep, spit u up, and then eat u again. have fun catching it :)

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That's nucking futs!

lol I took a fb quiz yesterday on 'how much do you know ab squirrels' DID YOU KNOW THEY HAVE BLACK SQUIRRELS?!?!?!

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A hammer to break a hole on your wall:60$ Peanuts to bait the pesty fuckerwho lives in your wall:2$ A nailgun:400$ Drywall kit:50$ The joy you get when Conker is stuck to your wall in a gooey mess: priceless.

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is it driving you nuts?

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the turd monster >.>

Shouldn't this be on MLIA?.. And you haven't seen that it is an actual squirrel, have you, OP? It could be a chipmunk or a raccoon or a ghost or a kid playing a prank.. You know, when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME..


Oh man imagine in the middle of the night hearing that I would be shitting myself!!

Yeah because having the corpse of a dead overweight squirrel in your walls will be awesome as well

its his world hes just trying to get a nut so move your butt.


this always happens to me. Ok 3 times means always.

You're not the FIRST that's happened to.

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More like, your not the THIRD thats happened to?

yeah it happened to me. damn squirrel

Ya'all need to call that guy that has his show on A

this happened to us once. my dad stabbed it with a butter knife. seriously...

Been there! Ours dug a tunnel under our porch and came up through the walls that way. It also ran around in our drop ceiling. We found the entrance to the tunnel, and set a live trap with some peanut butter right outside. He was waiting for us the next morning. Just don't eat it. I've heard they are high in cholesterol.

He comes in the night, and he brings nuts...

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and stuffs them in your mouth 

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well, he will soon die, then you'll have a Quietly rotting body in your walls. ta-dah! it's like magic

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feel the squirelly wrath!!!!!!! he wanted to show his nuts are bigger than mountains, Im afraid. youll feel that when he comes a planting seeds when youre asleep... lol

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a neighborhood squirrel yells at me from it's tree everytime I walk by.

what's the big deal?^^

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you live next to a a bald girl with THOUGHTS and a talking, though normally mouthless squirrel?? Oo

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lure him out with nuts then shoot him with a crossbow

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who cares? how is this a FML? just hire an exterminator and you'll be fine, geez... lol

an exterminator for squirrels? they have those?

Sure, not an FML if you like getting your house ravaged by a wild animal. Stupid.

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There's always animal controll..

i have 50 cal BBs and a slingshot no need for animal control my friend.

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