By Anonymous - United States
Today, a week after my dad discovered Family Guy and started mindlessly repeating catchphrases from it 24/7, I finally lost my temper and told him how incredibly annoying it is. He just paused, turned to look me in the eyes, and said, "Shut up, Meg." FML
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By  starile  |  19

"What sucks is... my name is Meg."

  michaelaranda  |  28

Dont comment if your comment isnt relevant to the fml.

Op, thats not so bad, and ur dad wont stop. I mean, if he watches family guy, he probably isnt the most mature person in the world.

  Lacist  |  19

#34 Why assume that people who watch Family Guy are immature? I could say you're immature for having spongebob as your profile picture, but that would be wrong.

  Shrike  |  22

I'm not hating. If anything I feel sorry for him for never having experienced a woman's touch. But maybe he's not into the touch of WOMEN, if you catch my drift. I don't care, I'm open-minded, bro. We still on for that "poker game" at 11? No homo.

  Nyx_fml  |  23

Wow. You reply to one comment and suddenly you're included in some private "poker" game. Unless I'm not invited, in which case... this is awkward.

  Shrike  |  22

Olpally, sounds like you need to join Schizo and myself for a few rounds of poker. Like when painting, you should probably wear clothes that you're not particularly attached to. Giggity.

  challan  |  19

Look everyone, I know olpally in the real world, and he is kinda a ladies man. He's tapped three of my friends and tried (but failed) to tap me. You just don't know!! ladies are giggity over olpally.

  esines  |  9

Man, this is like high school all over again for Olpally. Im imagining all the commenters surrounding him in the locker room taking turns making jokes. Hope you went commando today Olpally, mega wedgies hurt a lot. I hear...

  senseoffender  |  2

U do realize u can understand the difference it's just easier when typing on a phone to to type the shortest way for instance how I'm typing u instead if you it's just easier and doesn't make this generation stupid in any way shape or form just lazy :)

  CanadiAnM8  |  24

Just wait till South Park. All OP's dad will be saying is "RESPECT MY AUTHROTIAH" and "SCREW YOU GUYS, I'M GOING HOMEEEE" he'll also be saying "OH MY GOD, YOU KILLED KENNY, YOU BASTARD!"