By Jeff - 02/03/2010 15:53 - United States

Today, a wasp flew into my room. While I, a 6'2" hockey player, cowered in the corner, my 4'11" girlfriend killed it. FML
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Your gf is brave. I for one will not go anywhere near a wasp! When 2 wasps got in my apartment, I wouldn't go anywhere near them. I would run away when they were in the same room as me. One flew into my master bath, and I closed the door and didn't go in there until I found the other one dead in my guest bathroom. I made a boy dispose of both of them.

Aww, brave cute midget girl. I love it!


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Dumbest FML ever.

doesn't matter what height you are your still taller then a damn wasp

Stop replying to the first comment to be seen. While I'm here though, HI MOM!!

what does height have to do with it?

ya hockey players are such pussies when it's one of the toughest games in the world. I bet you couldn't take getting hit so hard so you now talk bad about them

Stop calling him a pussy! I'd run like a bitch if I saw a wasp.

I'd fuckin kill the wasp

hi Person1233's momma!!

well rusty guns would run like a bitch cause he is one

why'd you assume that because you're shorter you're less brave. brawn (braun? not sure how to spell it.) isn't going to help you when trying to kill a wasp.

maybe he was allergic?

That's pathetic. It is a wasp that is less than 1% of your size. Worst case scenario, you get a prick that kinda hurts for like 15 minutes. FYL indeed for being such a pussy.

watever Im a chick and play hockey and I wouldn't have done that u pansie

exactly what I was thinking.

Hit so hard through armor and helmets? Play Rugby you big American pansies, same contact level, no protection, play through the pain.

@frickyourlives I'm american and I don't even like hockey : / i think its more of a Northern US/ Canadian thing

tweetbaby14 18

height doesn't matter were all the same size in the bed

I completely agree with RustyGuns and most of you people who are calling the op a pussy should to

no, 76. worst case scenario is that he gets stung, has an allergic reaction, goes in to anaphylactic (sp) shock, and dies. i know plenty of folks who alleric to bee stings, and it's just as bad as peanut allergies. if OP is not allergic though, he is indeed a giant female sexual organ.

@reyemrein. The worst case scenario is that this person is allergic to wasp stings, in whcih case his throat would swell up clotting off his oxygen. You're an idiot

yes. hockey players ARE pussies

wow what a badass quit acting like u wouldn't cower in the corner either

I'm allergic to wasp stings :/

ya fuck you not all hockey players are pussies just this one

Of course hockey players are pussies... Canada won the gold, didn't they?

^^^^^ Win =) I'd run like hell, too, OP. And I'm 6'6" Then again, I'm terrified of wasps stings from bad childhood experiences. And I'm a musician. Its okay if we're pussies.

lmao I agree with #1 they are such pussies

Phara, I would say USA is more pussy when they cryed for not getting gold.

wasp stings don't hurt.. they just itch like the dickens.

wow I just typed a whole paragraph and it only showed a small part of it... okay here goes: @121 and 123, I assumed that he was not allergic or else he wouldn't have typed an FML because he would have had a good reason for not going near it. Even if he was unsure weather or not he is alergic, he was still being a pussy for letting his gf get rid of it when she had the same small risk of being allergic that he did. I miss the good old days where people just did stuff instead of worrying about dying from everyday activities.

im fuckin skared of any tipe of fuckin bee theyskare me to fuckin death i would haveskreamed and ran away

tats to ppl callin u a pussy

im number 194 skillz i bet yew all wish u culd call it like me

man ur girlfriebf is a shorty.....she was my shorty last night

cause he's really fucking big

no the pussy hockey players from america complained which is the point "dumbass"

@144 fuck you Canada rules. That is all.

hockey players are a bunch of faggot pussies o and there is a typo when he said girlfriend he really meant boyfriend

how the hell are hockey players pussies SOCCER players are pussies everyone calling hockey players pussies you are the pussy you probably can't take a hit and think by calling someone who can a pussy it toughens you up

AnonymousGalifrey 1

like this

fuck I hate wasps and bees I would do exactly the same thing but I don't give a fuck wether or not people think I'm a pussy

YDI for xaring so much about height. o.o

@76. first of all worste case scenario is actually that he dies from his allergies to wasps.....

you have an extremely short girlfriend :) just sayin

hockey players are considered some of the toughtest athleles. how the hell are they pussies?

aww it's okay dude ahaha(:


@214. You are a fucken idiot and a hypocrite, soccer is a far better sport than hockey.

that's what I , a 5"3 feet girl was thinking ...WTF does height have to do wit this?

So u don't deserve to be a hockey player u deserve to be a scardy cat that gets h1n1 for 30 second every time ur near 100miles of a wasp...

especially Canadian ones

hockey players r pussies now football players would have gon and fucking ate it I voted YDI for being a pussy

at 25 pride issues womp womp

hahahahahahaha Pearson that was hilarious

so are you truly. coward? aside from your fear of wasps

hahaha.. I was looking at a big mutha-truckin' wasps nest in a tree/ bush the other day.. I showed some friends, 'cause the nest was huge.. And one wasp decided to fly straight at my face while I was holding to branches apart to see the nest.. Naturally, I danced around and hit my head a couple times.. :)

ur a pussy and ur girlfriends a midget YDI

fuck you #1, hockey is the best. thank you #45.

totally agree,as a 1 yr old I sat in a wasp nest.I'm 5'2" (I'm 11) an I'm right tackle and second string RB for my peewee football team.I'd run like hell

235,soccer is 4 pansies and guys who gave nothing better to do. stop watching soap operas and go play hockey (or football)

Armor? hardly. Try foam covered in thin plastic. Mostly to lessen the pain from a small hard rubber puck coming at you at around 80MPH. And we wear helmets because ice is a little harder than ground. And hockey definitely has a higher caliber of contact. Nice try though.

why dont you try and take this guy on.....if hockey players are pussies

103 you are so right. I play rugby and it's way harder than American football... American football how can a tackle hurt you have a full body tampon 8ft thick?!

go flower power! girls unite

wateva wasps are scary

not all hockey players are pussy u Jackass

yo!!! shut the fuck up!!! Hockey players are just normal ppl like me...I dnt no bout u tho!!

323-it's cause American football collisions have been proven harder and you more likely too fall oddly. The pads aren't that big. I've played both. American football takes more skill and toughness.

fuck off whoever thinks hockey players are pussies, ever try playing the game

It doesn't matter what stupid sport he plays, or his hight, whats awesome is the girl that killed the wasp, who wouldn't kill a wasp to have a girlfriend like that?

It doesn't matter what stupid sport he plays, or his hight, whats awesome is the girl that killed the wasp, who wouldn't kill a wasp to have a girlfriend like that?

lol I'm like that too, I'm a 6'1 wrestler but if there's a spider in my room I sleep somewhere else

Hockey is probably the most hardcore sport out there. You know a sport is hardcore when theres a risk of getting your head chopped off, and the only reason we use padding in hockey is so we don't break bones when we hit the ice or get sliced open by skates. If you actually watch hockey, you'll know how tough players can be. Skating with a broken leg, getting your face FUBAR by a puck or stick, hockey players are way tougher than football players. When was the last time a hockey player went crazy and killed a dog?

#1 is a stupid fucking retard ignorant ass motherfucker. you're probably some illegal mexican immigrant addicted to fucking soccer. FUCK YOU!

shut the fuck up hockey's fuckin tight

Hockey is Canadian dumbass

You're an idiot rugby is for pussies. Hockey in which case seriously injures and can kill a person for not keeping their head up. In rugby you just throw it back before you get hit. Throw on some skates and we'll have a hitting contest. Then I'll drop you on the field as well.

You're an idiot. Throw on a pair of skates and take a 6'3 280 pound man going 30-50 km/h go on YouTube and look at the hockey hits. Then look at rugby hits.

Alright, I'll admit hockey is not my favorite sport, (soccer is), but all athletes work their butts off, something I'm sure you've never done. So when you're done sitting on your butt all day and join a team, we'll talk.

Your gf is brave. I for one will not go anywhere near a wasp! When 2 wasps got in my apartment, I wouldn't go anywhere near them. I would run away when they were in the same room as me. One flew into my master bath, and I closed the door and didn't go in there until I found the other one dead in my guest bathroom. I made a boy dispose of both of them.

you're a pussy. that's it a big gaping vagina

height has nothing to do with it... and i'm not just saying that cuz i'm an elf boy

it's a small insect! the girlfriend isn't particularly brave just because she killed a bug. you sir, idkweird, are an absolute pussy, does everything scare you as much as wasps? do you also cower like a little girl from spiders and mice?

xundria 5

@62: idkweird is a girl. Get your facts straight before you insult someone.

wow ok ur a pussy sry truth hurts... urs is more of an fml than the op

No she's not. I know plenty of people who would run from wasps. When one flew at me when I was on my bike, I dropped the bike in the street & ran home. Good for you, if you're not scared of them, but we don't exactly WANT to have to run away at the sight of one, but we have to before we end up shitting ourselves. It's like saying arachnophobics shouldn't be scared of spiders. Well, obviously, we know we SHOULDN'T be, but we are. If you ever find something to cure our fears, then please, do tell. Until then, stop calling other people pussies etc because they have a fear they cannot control.

@140 go /carebear and smash wasps and EVERY insect you come across with your bare hands (this method has yet to get me srtung/bitten). The law of the nature still applies to this date.

Stung* spelling FAIL

My comment totally disappeared. Im totally afraid of insects. The worst is cockroaches. If I see one, I end up having the heebie jeebies for quite a while afterwards. Like, I think I can feel bugs crawling on me. Wasps sting repeatedly! Not just once and then they die, like bees. I don't want a repeat of what happened to my ankle, when I was stung by a bee, all over my body. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who doesn't mind killing the bugs for me :D

hockey players are pussies they give eachother blowjobs in the lockerroom

hahaha uu guys r awesome oh btw op I live Hockey players but uu gotta Admit this is hilarious

No thanks, I can't even go near a wasp/spider/cranefly. It's a phobia. I have no control over it.

athletes aren't gay, 188,asshole.your probably the gay one.only a gay guy would say that. (I'm not intolerant)

OP, as long you beat up the guys that grab her ass, there's nothing to be ashamed of.(:

I agree, but why were you still scared of them once they were already dead?

You are saying hockey player like its something positive.

Aww, brave cute midget girl. I love it!

She doesnt have to be a midgit, he could be dating a 7 year old

two words... NERF GUN!

she doesn't have to get on her knees.

4' 10" is a legal midget. Anything above that isn't.

a rolled up magazine and alot of patience

ah! I hate wasps -_-

haha awww my boyfriend did something like that

threer 30

Why? Just why?

xundria 5

... grow a pair. Unless you're literally deathly alergic, wasps are nothing bad.

At least I have an excuse to bee afraid. When I was five a wasp flew up my nose.

I have a phobia of bees and, like op(almost), I am a varsity football player and wrestler. Phobias are irrational fears of something.

Deck hockey doesnt make you a hockey player... man up...

Uh, Snickers, I think it's the second one.

lol. I'm 5'1" and my 6'4" ex would freak out with clowns xD I could also take him down ;0