By Anonymous - United States - Frisco
Today, a TV crew filmed my house for a real estate show. They got an actor to pretend he owned the place but wanted to move. The host kept saying how shit my house is, and while talking about me with his producer, he said "Know how I know he ain't a fag? Fags can actually decorate." FML
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By  Tripartita  |  44

Hmm, I believe a man's ability to decorate can be broken down as follows:

Straight: unable to decorate.
Gay (or as McDouche so delicately put it, "fags"): unparalleled decorators.
Bi: really good and bad at times, working out to perfectly average ability.
Pan: good or bad depending on when you first enter the room (a la Schrödinger's cat).
Ace: absolutely refuses to decorate rooms.

This is why I keep my doors on timed locks.