By Anonymous - 27/01/2012 13:43 - Norway

Today, a truck rear-ended my car and drove off. I could see everything from my office, everything except his license plate. FML
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Try to find security cameras in the area?

People these days...a person hit my aunt (like her body, not her car) with their car...then drove off. I don't know how people can live like that


That sucks!!! Looks like your truck wasn't the only thing rear ended.

kalixzo's brain was rear-ended as well it seems, or maybe just his comprehension of the FML.

Do you know what you mean? Because I do not.

1 ummm.. Ew!

I believe it was an anal rape joke if that helps anyone.

Try to find security cameras in the area?

Maybe and then the police could take over the case.

@8 I was gonna call inspector gadget but I guess maybe your right, police are a more viable solution.

I don't think inspector gadget is well equipped for this assignment, op you should enlist the A team... Or batman, I don't think he's busy these days anyway.

That sucks I know the feeling. There's a good chance the person didn't have insurance

Are there really no decent people left??

I thought you HAD to have insurance with a car. Maybe it's just my state.

26, just because they tell you that you have to have auto insurance does not mean that everyone simply has it, just means they get a ticket if they get caught without it.

Where I live they impound your car, suspend your license and throw you in jail.

People drive without insurance everyday without being caught. There is no denying the truth

Get used to the office, you'll be working overtime for to fix it. :-)

It's called insurance. So, in this case OPs uninsured motorist coverage would kick in. OP would be would only get screwed if he has a high deductible.

Enough technicality. Enjoy the thought of his reaction whilst him watching the entire thing unfold

That's a case of no-vaseline rear ending.

Haha that sucks fyl


He does say! And if he says one more time, i'm going to.... Do something about it!

16- I said.

16- uh i dunno man, just maybe could be a YDI. Derp! ... Cheers 6 for pointing out the bloody obvious!!

I bet you that you wish that you had hawk vision.

Or X-ray vision.

or the ability to get rid of all these STDs.

People these days...a person hit my aunt (like her body, not her car) with their car...then drove off. I don't know how people can live like that

Sorry Op I didn't see you're mirco machine, from badass honking 4x4, and didn't stick around to swap insurance because I had to get to a bitching party. XP

Ugh, stupid phone *your

Norway is a tiny country. With the description of the truck, you should be able to narrow it down to 5-6 vehicles. Go to each one and find the one with the dent in the shape of your car. That might take an afternoon. If that works, I'll come to Oslo to accept my Nobel Prize in Geniosity!

Sorry, but because you slept with Alfred Nobels wife, or one of his descendants, there is no prize for Geniosity.

Haha, but if my stategery works here, they will certainly establish one. Hey, they added Economics in 1968, and economics is bullshit. Geniosity is a much more deserving field...maybe you'll chip in to fund it, RPS, because all geniuses ought to.