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Today, a thirty-something guy swaggered into my workplace. He was wearing shutter shades and torn jeans, and claimed to be our new boss. I called security to throw him out, at which point he produced his ID and let me know I'd be attending an employee review session next week. FML
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Vaporify 4

But I don't blame you, who can take him seriously if he's not professional?

Glitterhinoceros 14

People still wear shutter shades?


Vaporify 4

But I don't blame you, who can take him seriously if he's not professional?

HowAreYouToday 34

Apparently, the job interviewer must have "swag" as well.

... note to self: plenty of weirdos out there. make sure to ask for ID before throwing anyone out

I feel like all those making fun of "swag" memes are irrelevant in this case :/

srgsk9 9

Bring that up to his superiors. I'm sure there's somebody above him. They'll be glad to know their newest hire is making a class A jackass of himself. If he can't take interactions with his subordinates seriously, he won't take interactions with clients seriously.

noelykins1 19

The minute OP said swaggered I couldn't take OP or the boss seriously.

Don't judge a book by its cover...

Psych101 9

Employees, especially people in charge, are expected to dress appropriately, however. Also, I think he should have shown his ID immediately to back his claim.

Technically we all judge books by their covers. We don't just go out there and randomly get books out of a shelve and begin to read. People are the same, and you should judge a book by it's cover. Other wise you wont last long. If someone came to be not looking professional to an interview I would not even see them. It's called common sense people. Sure I won't judge if you got your clothes at walmart vs a boutique in some high end place. As long as you show etiquette. Clearly the "boss" lacked it. I would of definitely asked for ID.

23- at a skate shop you can were whatever you want, when I worked at zummies they just said dress cool...but shutter shades :/

Maybe you should have asked for an ID before assuming first?

dominic1221 6

... He's wearing SHUTTER SHADES!! Pretty much only washed up celebrities or jobless douchebags wear those.

Only if you're being stereotypical. If anyone claims to be someone ask for ID don't try to get them kicked out just cause their appearance isn't appropriate.

the_anti_hipster 7

Seriously? The boss is supposed to be in a position of authority. If you want respect from your employees, respect them and yourself first by not showing up on your first day looking like a Jersey Shore reject. What did he expect?

Wow, #3 you are unpopular but at least you're right. Even if the man was joking, why would you immediately throw him out, OP? Say you work in an office. He likely had to go through some sort of security to get to you so at least check his credentials (CEO's son?). And if you work retail or customer service, why would security be your first move? And to all the people calling the man unprofessional, the "workplace" could be a sunglasses retailer, Halloween store, party store, or any number of places where that dress is appropriate. And even if it's Berkshire Hathaway, so what? His fashion choices are for *his* boss to critique. Maybe he got hired for his ability.

50- you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

Goddess_Rummy 13

#50: I work at a sunglasses retailer and that kind of clothing would be inappropriate to show up in. Business professional only.

#3 really?? All jobs have a dress code even if you shovel shit for a living you have a dress code and you follow the dress code. The further up on the totem pole you are the more strict that dress code is. If you are a boss that gives reviews to the rest of the employees, under no circumstance should "shutter shades" ever be allowed to be worn and taken seriously. The boss deserved to have security called and frankly it doesn't matter who he is. If he doesn't look good the company doesn't look good. I hope you loose this mentality before you go out into the real world.

I've worked for a sunglasses retailer, too. People wore whatever they wanted. My last job (IT) didn't give a shit what people wore so long as they did their job. My current job has dress down days where pretty much anything goes. Sure, there's a dress code but it's frequently broken. As long as your parts are covered and your clothes are cleanish, do whatever. OP acted like a judgemental bitch (OMG shutter shades) and so are you all. You don't know every situation so you always cover your bases by thinking before you act.

50- I'm going to assume that OP's work place ISN'T a Halloween store, or a party store, because I don't think that would be much of an FML

Don't judge a book by it's cover

NoFeet 4

Chill out. She posted a minute after you. It's not like she had a grand scheme to copy your comment.

Lol I should get ready for a million dislikes.

I'm judging your comment by "it's" grammar.

NoFeet 4

16- Not really. It happens all the time. You had the same idea and posted it a minute after and everyone says "OMGZ U N00B Y U GOTA B SO SUPID?11! SOM1 ALREADY SED DAT!1!!" I really don't get it.

Or, in some cases, don't judge a cover by its book.

Obviously you folks aren't that well versed in memes (not saying this in a condescending way; it's just an observation). See, the profile pic of the guy is the "are you freaking kidding me?" meme. Assuming he didn't change his profile pic just for this one comment, it was the PERFECT moment for him to write that comment. It's actually rather funny.

OMGZ U N00BZ Y U GOTA B SO SUPID?!11? SUM1 ALREDDY SED DAT!!1111!!!!!!!!1! Just kidding.

55, please don't tell me you actually care that much about bland, generic "memes"

Separate note: your cute(: Kik me?(username on profile)

Glitterhinoceros 14

People still wear shutter shades?

Sorry, creeped on your bio. SID THE KID COULD KICK OVI'S ASS ANYDAY

Hell nahh kid ovechkin's the best in the NHL and could take sidney anyday.

I feel like sid is just a giant cry baby, but I gotta give it to Malkin he's a beast.

Ovechkin could hand Criesby his ass any day.

4 replies and not one of them relates to the original comment

WHY YES PEOPLE DO WEAR SHUTTER SHADES. Topic restored. Proceed as you will

In What job would shutter shades be acceptable?

NoFeet 4

17 - Studying the arts of outdated douchebag style?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#17 being a douche bag cop? (not saying cops are douche bags, but there are douche bag cops out there who do as they please)

I see that MCR shirt in your little profile pic there... You cool, you cool.

17 - the kind of place where he could have bought the company? That's my best guess

Your new boss needs to attend an employee review session for himself.

reallytho3 11

He needs a magazine from THIS year lol

NoFeet 4

Nice move. I bet you really impressed him with that.

Honestly. Who wears shutter shades these days? And torn jeans? Sounds like an 80's throwback like George Michael... But still, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Or that talentless hack Kanye West with his shutter shades! Just to let people know, I don't care how many thumb downs I get. You have no reason to be mad. That is just my opinion. You may like him but I don't.

NoFeet 4

44 - I agree. How can anyone like Kanye West? He's such an idiot.

- He doesn't have much talent. Not even good looking... He is good at swaggering though!

chowE_fml 4

Lol doenst matter if you like him or not his bank accounts could give less of a ****. Personally I'd say he's extremely talented which is probably why he has so much money.

Trisha_aus 15

Justin bieber has a lot of money too..he must be EXTREMELY talented. Give me a ******* break.

BradTheBrony 19

Kanye west is a gay fish. Case closed, end of discussion.

Tragichero92 12

I love that South Park reference.

I hope you enjoy your new job scrubbing the toilets. Seriously, you deserve whatever punishment you get for acting like a presumptuous ass.

Doesn't matter. The guy walks in and says "I'm your new boss"? I'd certainly ask for some verification first instead of assuming the worst and calling security.

I agree with doc. I don't think he deserves a thumbs down or me. We're just saying the truth. OP shouldn't have assumed due to stereotypes.

Psych101 9

28- I feel like OP shouldn't have to ask for verification. I think the boss should have shown his ID immediately instead, especially when he was dressed so inappropriately. Granted, OP still should have asked for ID, but his boss shouldn't have put him in that position. Also, I don't think calling OP a presumptuous ass is correct. Upon seeing the boss, I think most people would presume he was lying too. Perhaps calling security before inquiring further is too much, but the presumption is still there.

Psych - He DID assume this guy was lying, and he called security to have him kicked out! How is that NOT being a presumptive ass?

Psych101 9

45- I do agree that calling security was too far, but I still think it was a natural assumption to make. OP just shouldn't have acted on it.

While I've been in school I've temped rather frequently and I can say from experience that some of the BEST companies I've worked for had really loose dress codes. If this guy is going to dress like that, the workplace might be in for a big change -- and it could be for the better!

TheDrifter 23

Also, a lot of new bosses will do something odd the first day. Outrageous outfits, asking random questions as soon as they see someone etc. It gets people to react instinctively and lets them know more about their crew's personalities.

Hey how come 34 got thumbs down when he said something similar to what Doc said and Doc gets thumbs up? Is it because he's more popular? ;{ anyway I agree with both of them.

Lol 4 or so other people says op deserves it, all of them get thumbs down, doc says it and he gets mad thumbs up... I feel like the fml community has a very large infatuation for doc, not that I have anything against him. Just my observations.

sniperkit 10

I agree, 88. This was the first time I've thumbed down Doc, but I just have a different opinion than he does this time and a few other people do, too. But since he's so popular people go "Hey, I guess he DOES have a point..", even when they used to disagree wholeheartedly.