By Anonymous - 12/02/2016 18:47 - United States - San Francisco

Today, a teacher told me in all seriousness that she believes my son, who has severe learning difficulties, is likely demonically possessed. I'm sorry, but what century are we living in? Now I have to get him moved to another school so he doesn't have to be in the care of this nutjob. FML
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Stone her.

I've said it once and I'm gonna say it again. I can not stand people.


Stone her.

Thou shalt suffer pain brought forth by tens upon thousands of stones!!

this is gold ;)

I'm so sorry that stupid ass teacher told you that. I would sue the hell out of that school and teacher.

Why would you sue the school?

#3, you can't hold a school accountable for the teacher's idiocy. But I do think the school should punish the teacher for that comment.

You shouldn't sue the school but it's ok to get someone fired because of their personal views???. Wow

It's absolutely ok to get someone fired for their views if their views impact how they teach and how they treat their students. A teacher at my school was recently fired for constantly pushing 9/11 conspiracies, atheism, and subtle homophobia on his students (nothing wrong with atheism, but just like religion, you shouldn't force it on your students).

I was once failed because I was romantically involved with a woman. The teacher saw me give a peck goodbye ON THE CHEEK. I wasn't disrespectful or pushing my sexual preferences at all, she was just anti-homosexual. I had to go to a neighboring teacher if I needed help with the material, I also went to them before having my grade assigned for my assignments to see if what I did was correct or worth the grades she gave me. This was a physics class, so it involved mathematics and actual equations. All my correct work would be labeled wrong with numerous illogical excuses. When going to the school board as multiple teachers recommended, they simply sent me to a lower class rather than another AP physics... mind my language but that was complete bullshit. I was basically denied a college credit because of my sexual orientation.

You can't sue people for everything under the sun. It's a shitty situation l, but nothing the OP hasn't already dealt with... grow a pair and fix it without being butt hurt.

I've said it once and I'm gonna say it again. I can not stand people.

then maybe you should sit down... *faint ba dum tsss in the background*

I wonder how you can stand yourself then.

Sounds like the beginning of a cheesy horror film.

Plot twist: She [the teacher] is the greeter at a WalMart.

They obviously did though xD

Some people are born as fucking ignorant assholes. Your son deserves a better teacher who is willing to understand him and to be able to work him (with patience and lots of care)

Does he have to be moved school or can you get him moved to a different class with a hopefully saner teacher? It would be less disruptive for you and your son. Also, I'm sorry that even in this day and age there are still people so ignorant as that teacher.

Where I live, there's only one special ed class in each school. So, depending on the size of the school, that might not be possible.

as someone who also has learning disabilities and went to a catholic school, I have experienced similar things

Get your son out of there fast, she's probably the one who's possessed.

Can you talk to the school and tell them what she said?