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Today, a student's mother sent me an e-mail complaining that I was requiring her child to read a book containing mild profanity. She then demanded me to let him read an easier book. This would've been somewhat acceptable if the student wasn't in the 12th grade. FML
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Nope, some parents are just crazy...

Actually, some cultures actually tend to be more conservative in nature than other cultures

Just because someone does something ridiculous regarding topic such as this does not always mean they're religious. Don't always jump to that

I hate religion. Religious people are stupid thinking someone else is controlling them. I love atheism I can be free and do what I please

I'm somewhat religious and I swear all the time

As a religious person, we're not all like this. My favorite is that there is actually a website trying to ban certain books within the school system. Parents can read the book then grade it on how acceptable it is and give commentary on it. I don't remember specific examples, but they clearly can't comprehend text. They described a book about a young girls horrible experiences and tough life as whimsical, and silly. It was written from the child's point of view, so the terrible things weren't blatantly stated, and they thought a story containing rape was whimsical...

With this kind of mothering; some people will never grow up.

I bet you the 'profanity' was 'crap' or 'damn.'

@85 Hey watch your mouth, We have 12th graders in here!

This is so absurd I can't even come up with a witty retort. Wow. I think I'm nonplussed.

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To be fair, the kid probably would not learn too much from the language teacher that uses incorrect grammar in his/ her FML post.

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#81 1.) This is the internet 2.) No one's perfect 3.) She/he has better grammar than you

My English Lit teacher sometimes can't figure out how to spell words, has no effect on teaching literature. By high school English teachers aren't teaching spelling anymore.

Tell her it's extremely mild compared to what the kid says at school.

Yeah, when I was in high school they would swear all the time; they especially loved to use the f-word a lot.

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What in the world is she going to do when/if he goes to college?

MzZombicidal 36

If his mother backs the hell off and gives him a chance at an honest education then I don't see why not. :P Who knows, he may not have any issues with the curriculum and all the crazy is from his mom entirely.