By Derpina / Wednesday 21 December 2011 15:33 / United States
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By  Karma_apoc  |  8

Yes, I know what it's like to smell horrible. She could either not use deoderant or have what I have, hyper hydrosis. With it you sweat no matter WHAT, even with clinical strength deods, pills, powders, everything. Even the surgery to suck out the extra sweat glands rarely works. Teens who go through it like me have a horrible time.

  LolCakes111  |  7

#1, no Good Deed goes Unpunished...this punishment was immediate.
#2, It's possible the girl WASN'T nice. She could've been very nice, or very mean. How do you know? Apparently, everyone who is hot is a massive bitch and everyone who is "ugly" (as in the beholder's eye) or "weird" is the best person to meet in the world for their personality. I just don't get it O_o it goes both ways.

  Livencountry  |  5

Spoiled hamburger meat with just a touch of skunk musk, wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves, then burnt to a delicate black color with the consistency of peeling skin.

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