By CapitolSouthSux - United States
Today, a street preacher got on my metro car and gave a long, loud speech about how we sinful, polluted congressional staffers must inform our bosses that choosing a homosexual lifestyle was like trading your soul for soup. We got stuck in a tunnel for thirty minutes. FML
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  Cory123125  |  3

I hate when people say things in a matter of fact way when they have no evidence. Pike the assholes saying you are born gay or that you choose to be gay. The second one doesn't make sense and the first one is just the age old debate between nature and nuture

  xxBFMVAAMIWxx  |  18

People are so ignorant..

49 - I sort if know what you mean. I'm not homosexual, but I get persecuted because I'm into metal and look emo, so therefore I'm automatically a devil worshipper

85 - love the AC reference :P

101 - so true

  Wizardo  |  33

I realised that it was on a train after your comment and the word metro so my bad up there. That's just unfortunate but I'm sure you can walk between the carriages? Also screw preachers.

  bikramkohli  |  11

#10 Not in DC Metro. The passage between carriages is closed. Once you're in one car, you're stuck on it until the next station.

PS, this has happened to me on the metro before as well. Luckily, other passengers politely asked the pastor to shut up.

  ThePK  |  5

Because they want to be pariahs in society. It's not as though they were created with those tendencies. That wouldn't make sense in the slightest.

  etishuman22  |  32

It's thing called religion that people follow so blindly...

I am Catholic, I hold some of my faith, a lot of it I reject, I'm very superstitious, I don't think people should have to wait until marriage, I think there was only one good Pope, and I love gay people and think everyone should be able to have basic human rights (like marriage and children). According to my beliefs and how they are at odds with the Church, I should be excommunicated.

  thisguy22  |  33

To be fair to those people, it can easily be considered a choice if you look at it as homosexual people refusing to deny who they are and put on a mask and a show to make the rest of the world feel safe and secure.

Damn homosexuals and their refusal to placate others.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

The comments can be thought of as saying that the homosexual lifestyle is a choice, as opposed to homosexuality itself. It's like a priest being celibate. They have (presumably) heterosexual tendencies, but choose not to act on them (one would hope).

I'm not saying I agree with this, just explaining the statement.

  wonderfulrosie  |  13

@24, Thank you for not so blindly following your faith. I am also a Catholic who COMPLETELY agrees with your statement and it's nice to know that there are others like me that aren't just lemmings to what the church says.

  HowieDoIt  |  21

Many Christians believe that homosexuals are born with desires just like heterosexuals, not everyone chooses to act on their desires but for the most part it doesn't feel like a choice, and i imagine it certainly wouldn't be easy to deny yourself your desires.

  Medd_fml  |  13

I was born gay, but, for lack of a better word, 'taught' myself to be bisexual. Now I'm just straight for religious reasons. I'm not forcing this on anyone, just want to show that people can deal with this religiously while still respecting everyone.

  monnanon  |  13

ive got news for you buddy if you are "straight" for religious reasons you were never gay in the first place but bisexual. no one can force themselves to be one way or the other. all this hiding who you are by being straight is 1. not healthy and 2. proof that sexuality is really a sliding scale and not polarised into straight, gay and bisexual.


I'm a Christian, and I can't say with any certainty if homosexuality is a choice or not. I'm not sure anyone can. I just wish people would leave each other alone and stop shoving their opinions down people's throats.


nice to know...not my point, but still. I'm just saying that if people believe that someone's sexuality is something they're born with and not under they're control, then fine. I just don't like it when people get aggressive about their opinions. stating your belief in a reasonable and considerate way is fine. telling someone that who they are or the lifestyle that they chose is going to be their ticket to hell? That's not okay under any circumstances. someone's sexual preferences are honestly none of your business, and if you think that you know who someone is, despite who they say that they are, and who they like bothers you, well, that's a problem. Love is love, period. If someone says they're gay, they're gay. if they say they aren't, they aren't. it's that simple. please excuse my super long rant, but I like to get my point across.

  bruins46  |  6

Even if it was a choice, why should anyone be judged/discriminated based on it? I'm not saying it is a choice, I'm just saying either way, there would be nothing wrong with it.

By  BillMurray_fml  |  12

Just stare them dead in the eyes for several minutes; don't look away. Then ask them what kind of soup you'd be trading your soul for, and start talking about how fabulous chicken and rice soup is.