By grovage - 03/05/2012 00:43 - United States

Today, a repairman came to fix my couch, which is under warranty because the frame had broken in multiple places. To ensure I got a new couch out of the deal, I stabbed multiple holes into the cushion. The guy fixed the frame, but said there was nothing he could do about lacerations on the sofa. FML
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YdoIhaveAchode 4

You're stupid.


YdoIhaveAchode 4

You're stupid.

Guess it backfired on you.

That's what happens when you get greedy, OP.

If only there was a way to fix your own lack of extended thought processes.

Michael_92 20

I want a new truck under warranty because the engine blew...oh i know ill smash the body with a hammer that should do it.

Think it is time to learn how to sew.

thiscrazything 1

A couch can be repaired, but stupidity can't.

jab7769 8

Actually not that stupid I used to work for a furniture company and if their were problems with fabric then u could turn in the claim for new sofa. But idk what company op bought it from or her warranty just saying it is possible that it could of worked.

Your picture scared me

57 ur pic was the pic I was gonna use

Anybody else accidentally read it as "crotch?" O.o

jab7769 8

I get thumb down for telling facts about my former company. Lol

That is called fraud and is a felony. YDI

81 - No, you get thumbed down for complete lack of grammar and encouraging people to do the wrong thing.

Generally your warrantee covers things that are due to defective materials or manufacturing. Things that would be the fault of the company. Stab wounds are obviously not the manufacturers fault. So yes, you are indeed an idiot. You deserve every last bit of that couch.

tjv3 10

Agreed OP is stupid. OP you should have just been happy with it being fixed. Your dishonesty is being rewarded now you have to sit on a ghetto ass couch

I was going to say something of that sort, but I clearly got here too late.

fatcow282 8

Karma is a bicth

what a stupid shit

can't fix stupid

LOOOL. That boosted my mood too much to give it a YDI

3rdbass 9

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No, just a greedy self entitled thief.

116 - no a thief would have stole something. An ignorant dumbass (who thinks getting a new couch when they already have a new one getting repaired is beneficial to them, despite it being a wasteful burden on society and taking longer for them to get a couch) would have broken something under warranty that clearly wasn't negligence. A retard, like OP, would be an ignorant dumbàss who also has challenges thinking through the simplest things. Such as most warranties don't cover negligent or purposeful damage and lacerations of couches can't be repaired back to their former look so slitting it with a knife is a bad idea. Actually come to think of it, I don't even think retards are this stupid.

wolfshadow 4

136, what OP would have gotten away with is fraud. If the company can fix the frame, then the customer is not fully entitled to a new couch. Stabbing the couch in hopes of gaining a new one is basically like murdering someone to get a couch. And yes, a couch has just as much worth as a human. Why don't you sit on that, human race!

what made you think you would get a new couch out of that?? that was obviously not a manufacr

manufacturers defect. way to go, genius! ;)

citymayer 7

That's what I'm wondering. Also, wtf did you do to the couch that it broke the frame?!

139 - They had a choice between a couch and a trampoline; they chose both.

Just tell people it's a new Japanese couch style. Bitches love Japan.

Unless they find a kimono on the bedroom floor that's not theirs.

thejewishfuhrer 17

Obama loves bitches. Just kidding my fellow Americans, I have a lovely wife named Michelle. And I'm the head of the motherfucking state.

You mean head of the nation? No wonder why we've hit these hard times...

#76 the president is also the head or chief of state. Good thing you know the unenumerated powers of the president.

What.. the heck is that zebra-striped thing in your picture?

What does it look like?

jakethejeep 7

best name ever #39

nirvi 3

Look before you leap...

If the warranty already covered the broken frame why go out of your way to break it more?...:/

Michael_92 20

Maybe it was really really ugly? Even then its stupid to do.

Why would you ever think they would fix something that is obviously not a defect but an act of vandalism.

People like you piss me off

Agreed, now OP sit on you lacerated couch stop being a ****.