By Anonymous - 11/01/2011 07:31 - Canada

Today, a pretty co-worker invited me out for drinks after my shift. I have no money left until payday. Embarrassed, I had to decline and go home alone. FML
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FYLDeep 25

You should have said you were busy and rescheduled it. Don't let her think you're not interested at least.

when u get ur paycheck take her out for drinks


get a better job Canadian

kobebryant100 5

That sucks :(

Sensible option, better than borrowing and peeing someone money

take out a bank loan!

oweing* damn autocorrect


Invite her on payday to make it up.

I'm pretty sure peeing on money will work.

should have went & ordered water, made an excuse for not drinking & still get to tap that ass

LDP2 0


therealsuperman 0

make your own alcohol

hpaiste 2


Why the ?. Are you asking us if it's funny? Yes it is.

Shutuptroll 0

Haha? I'm not sure if that was funny, so I'll wait for a confirmation.

daaron 3

agreed of course it's funny and make ur own or don't drink water is good plus just be honest say sorry don't have money and ask for an IOU but take her on a fancy ass date congrats

It sucks not having money to go out.

yeah tell me about it, was walking around with just enough money, heading to the pokemon centre and WHAM Gary Oak.

bobo377 0

I freaking hate Gary oak! hahaha


ayleyyasuko 0

you guys are great

See I always thought not having enough money was a blast....

Learn to save? Or just tell her the situation? It's not that hard...

I was gonna say something but then I started look at your colorful picture....

when u get ur paycheck take her out for drinks

Awww, sorry OP :(

I thought if she invites you, she's paying. Or is that not how it works anymore?

thats what I thought.

FYLDeep 25

If a girl wanted to buy me a drink then I wouldn't care, but I wouldn't let her pay for more than one. And who gets just one drink?

That would be me, darling. I'm a bit of a lush, and it embarrasses my boys oh-so much!~

sourgirl101 28

I've invited people out for drinks before. It's usually paid Dutch. Though, we've taken turns buying each other drinks. Like FYLDeep said, who buys only one drink? (:

Mirorbo, FYLDeep and Sourgirl.. You guys are awesome.

Oh, why thank you!~

FYLDeep 25

I'd say thanks but then it would look like I was spamming the comments. Oh wait... Shit!

sourgirl101 28

6sick6, you'll be awesome in my eyes once you go to your first rock concert! I remembered. (:

sourgirl101 28

Oh look! We all replied in order.(:

Sourgirl, I really wish to go to a Megadeth concert :( My country isn't helping.

lmao moderated? is Canadian really an offensive word?!?! I've been on fml for years and I've never met this deuchebaguette