By Anonymous - Canada - Chilliwack
Today, a police car hit my parked vehicle, likely due to icy road conditions. When the officer came over to talk to me, I assumed it was to give me his insurance information. Nope. It was to give me a ticket for 'impeding a police officer'. My car was in my driveway. FML
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  Onyx3288  |  22

You can get one of the lawyers that only gets paid if they win. They take a third of the winnings. If you decide to sue, it shouldn't be just to get the ticket taken off but the officer should get reprimanded in some way.


Lawyers are next to worthless for auto losses. If OP calls their insurance company they will explain their filing options. If OP does not want to use their own coverage, the insurance company will assist in filing a loss with whatever entity handles auto losses for the police department. You can't place neglegence on a stationary object.

  josiemorehouse  |  12

#48 The issue isn't about the loss due to damage to OP's car, it's about the cop giving OP a ticket when OP clearly wasn't at fault in the described situation. What the cop did in this case was wrong and OP shouldn't have received a ticket. Yes, this should be something the OP fights. Document everything, get a lawyer and fight. And some lawyers will not ask for compensation until the case has been settled.

  devi_916  |  39

#48, this is more about the officer's abuse of power and wrongfully issuing OP a ticket than it is about the car. He was wrong and there should be action taken against him. OP's insurance will take care of the damaged car and the insurance company will pursue the officer for reimbursement.

  kerrycakes  |  21

Canadian law does allow you to sue a police officer. A lawyer would likely cost more than the ticket so there's always small claims court or just file a complaint.

  RBW_Slave  |  9

#67. The damages should be covered by the police officer personally. By writing the ticket, he has proven himself to be a worthless piece of shit who does not deserve a badge.

  Tthug  |  34

If he does the tape will probably mysteriously disappear like Lois lerners hard drive. Not saying everyone is corrupt, but the people who are go to great lengths to protect themselves.

  apcsox  |  18

Yes, but I'm sure that the dash cam was mysteriously malfunctioning at the time and they will be unable to corroborate the OPs story and protect the thin blue line per usual SOP

By  the_zero_article  |  15

okay but realtalk why does it seem like the police are always on some type of goddamn power trip

like bruh. we get it, you're kinda important. please stop being a douchebag and get back to your fucking job

By  powerkeep  |  24

It is wicked simple, if like in the US, bring it to traffic court. It has nothing to do with suing, but if you pay the ticket it is an immediate guilty and cannot be reversed. The judge should be fair and drop the ticket