By Eric Ngan - 12/05/2012 16:01 - Singapore - Singapore

Today, a pigeon got into my apartment. After knocking over a very expensive vase, it panicked, rammed itself against a window, and shat all over the floor as it tried to get out. FML
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That pigeon sure didn't tweet you right!

Sounds like you should have rotisserie pigeon as vengeance.


Sounds like you should have rotisserie pigeon as vengeance.

1- Normal people don't give vengeance on pigeons...

egc573 40

Ignore #1's advice OP. Don't take this accident too personally. Seriously, do NOT go all Captain Ahab on Singapore's pigeon population. They might go all The Birds on you.

Usually the birds die after hitting my window

Squab is really tasty :)!!

11-Normal people can also take a joke.

31- it was a joke

I hate pigeons! They flying rats.

If you see flying rats I would recommend you also see a doctor.

DOCTORS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING. Violence, however, is another story.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

10 - You mean like bats? Things of legend, I know.

15 - No, but THE Doctor is.

Yeah man the nazis had doctors to fix their nazi legs so they could walk around and kill people lol

16 - bats are not flying rats

That pigeon sure didn't tweet you right!

lebronesque73091 12

Pigeons are pure evil.

How could they do that?! I though people and pigeons had a deal!

Exactly! The OP mentioned nothing about a proper "@" tag

My dad refers to pigeons as "ghetto chickens" :)

Sir, your profile picture has officially disturbed the shit out of me.

French_Toast_fml 3

Those Angry Birds are at it again!

Damn it, i'm not your mother fucking bro! Do you want my Swedish friend and I to find you and beat your arse?

Damn what happened, A-TEEN, you were rude funny but now you're mean rude.

No, he's just tired of over used memes.

Wow that pigeon must have been one angry bird! ;)

That sounds like a very annoying pigeon...