By Anonymous - Canada
Today, a parent came into my class and told one of my 6 year old students that their grandma died. Then the parent left. The kid started crying from the news, which then got all the other students crying. I spent the rest of the day comforting a class of kids crying over someone else's grandma. FML
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yeah um im sorry, Why is this an f YOUR life..? poor 6 year old, not understanding death.. I mean, consoling little crying kids isn't my favorite thing to do but I'd have to say let's think of others before ourselves here..

  mccool37  |  1

Considering that it started because of an idiot parent who could have waited until after school or taken the kid home with them, and it caused the rest of the class to begin crying which makes things even more difficult to handle, I think op has a right to complain

By  mynameisnotjudie  |  0

#3 - yes, but not an entire class-full of crying children. The mother should have been responsible and taken the child home or at least out of the school so they could deal with the news as a family. Poor kids!