By KaySchrages92 - United States
Today, a neo-Nazi stopped me and commented on my blue eyes and blonde hair. He went on to explain that I could be "pure", and should follow him and other Aryans in the campaign to eliminate Jews, and other "abominations". Good thing he didn't see the Star of David necklace around my neck. FML
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I once showed up to a neo nazi meeting as a black Jew. They beat me up and threw me out. I then sued them and won $1 million in compensation. I then bought their homes and built gospel churches and synagogues. True story.

  kwchambers92  |  10

"I smoked something the other night, and I think this shit was laced, because I went out right away and got these tattoos on my eyelids to make it look while I was sleeping that people would think I was awake" :)

  juturnaamo  |  29

I work with a disappointingly high number of racists, and most of them have never assaulted anyone.(I had to chew someone out because he said someone being cheap was 'being a Jew about it...I'm ok though!)


He said it because Jews are stereotyped to be cheap and greedy. I hear shit like that all the time, "Hey! The cashier Jewed me out of my change!" They are just stereotypes, not really anything to get mad over unless it turns violent or something.

  Grimmerie  |  31

106, that doesn't mean it's not offensive. You can't look at a store that's been robbed and go "damn n*ggers," so why can you judge Jews in the same manner?

By  i_iz_awesome  |  0

So did you follow him ;)?