By nthor - 11/03/2009 18:05 - United States

Today, a man on the train asked me if i had any change. I quickly responded with "no habla engles". He then tapped me on the shoulder and said "That would've been a lot more believable if you weren't reading that paper." FML
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it would also be more believable if you used correct grammar.

cady18 0

would've also been more believable if you spoke correct spanish.


wesayxsummer 0

it would also be more believable if you used correct grammar.

u mean like "no hablo ingles."? ya that's what I was thinking too

don't b a Jew next time and give him some change

yeah I was like if your gonna b an asshole atleast know how to say it write.

lol habla. he's just like no I don't speak Spanish, why?

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#118 - If you want people to say things RIGHT, then you should also say things RIGHT. Not 'write' but 'right'

you mean 'right' ? hypocrite.

It's : No hablo inglés . - sincerely girl from Puerto Rico which first language IS spanish.

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*going to **at least ***right

#143, they r right. It is always hablo even if it was a girl. So I think ur the biatch now...

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#143 - Hablo is the first-person, singular form of hablar. It has nothing to do with gender, it's a verb.

He's correct; "hablo" is personal, and "habla" would only be used for he/she/it.

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"no hablo Ingles"

#119 no he said " no he/she speaks english" dumbass.

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It could also be "you speak" depending on what dialect is being used and to whom OP was talking.

Habla actually means "silly girl" in Arabic

I love when people try to make someone look bad, and end up looking like a dumbass moron because they're wrong in their correction. Yes, I'm talking to you #143. You need to go back to school. *shakes head*

No it wouldn't. When referring to oneself in the present tense one says 'hablo'. "Yo no hablo inglés" is the most technically correct way to say 'I don't speak English' but the 'yo' is generally implied so as pointed out "no hablo inglés" is valid. "No habla inglés" translates as "he/she does not speak English".

It would also be useful to know when to use the word "right"

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#118 Clever pun, bad timing

Engles. Is it pronounced like eggls but with an N? I did not know this Spanish word! Also, habla is in reference to a he/she. The correct way to say it is, "No hablo ingles." (I know it has an accent mark. Keyboard doesn't allow that option.)

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would've also been more believable if you spoke correct spanish.

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No hablo Inglés

they said it right, they just didn't know how to type it on the Internet.

douche bag thats what you get

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That's why I bring my Ipod on the train because then I can just pretend I don't hear them lol

but then dont they tap u on the shoulder asking for change/tickets or whatever it is??

I live between a Veterans Affairs Hospital and a liqour store so I see bums pretty much constantly. No need to ignore them or feel shame for them or treat them like anything less than a human being. When anyone I dont know asks me for money, I look em in the eye and say "nope." Excuses are bullshit. Ignoring is bullshit.

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Wow. It's "no hablo ingles" (accent on the e). Good job, dumb-dumb. Anyways, what's wrong with saying, "I like my money, so no"?

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The last part was bad but ur right about the language part

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would have been believable maybe if you actually talked right. habla- hablo engles- ingles

Habla because inglés is feminine lol

Verbs don't have genders.. Habla means she/he speaks. Hablo means I speak. If you try to correct someone, at least be right.

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thats when you also learn to say "I just like the pictures" if they ere pictures on the page.

like he could say that in Spanish if he can't even get what he did say correct xD

Funny thing is ,it really won't matter if he/she gets it right, just sound like like they know it. If the person could notice the error then they probably will embarrass the person by asking for change IN Spanish.