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your dads retired at 58??

haha where'd you think he got your allowance money from?


Old people are crazy.

iknow the old ladies at my moms work are insane, they duke it out* fist fights to the extreme* have like 3 eyebrows drawn on and poop in their hands and finger paint with it and this one old guys wife sneaks in drugs and alchohol when she visits him!!!WTF there's more drama at this retirement home than on 90210 lagoona beach and all those other stupid drama filled shows combined!!! LMFAO 0____0

ydi for not taking care of your pop, for throwing him on a retirement complex and not supporting him so he have to sell meth to support himself

#63 You don't know the circumstances

my dad will probably do that to. haha.

haha where'd you think he got your allowance money from?

I ought to slap yo' ass. Santa isn't real, you stupid or something? +1 internets to anyone who gets the reference

#72 you just ruined my childhood memories bitch!

your dads retired at 58??

exactly what I was thinking. then again, he did sell drugs.

He could just work there...

He could've had an accident that forced him to retire early. My uncle had to retire from being a cop at 50 cause of an accident during a car chase. Then again, he didn't go to a retirement community.

#5 he didn't really retire, he just changed professions

58 is a goo age to retire at ..

#5 probably made a killing selling meth for years. (news story:

he's 58 and lives in a retirement complex? that blows.

hahahhhah to #3