By umbrella - / Friday 24 July 2009 11:39 / United States
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Well pointed out #63!!! That's nothing like the usual crap that jandersonii posts, so I wasn't even considering it being him

There's something quite frustrating about trolls. I mean, we'll never be able to get rid of them, because no matter how many fucking times we tell everyone else, they still keep insulting the trolls which is exactly what they want... eh I give up.

  FarSide  |  22

Yeah, like others have said: if it wasn't used, I do not know any guys who would be embarrassed.

Believe it or not, most guys know women menstruate. Here is another revelation: we know what women do when they go to the bathroom, and we know you stink it up too.

So, don't be embarrassed about being human.

  cowycal  |  4

lol, I remember when the girls at my school had a tampon fight on the bus. They all got suspended, so the next day, there were only guys that showed up in my class.

  xxlillyxx  |  0

do u rly hav 2 troll on EVERY fml.... i mean seriusly i dont read every fml or thier comments but when i do u r alwas trolling bout something.... i mean dont u hav somethin better to do with ur time than sittn on a comp all day???? i only go on when im bored.... if thats the case with u then F ur life cuz obviusly u dont hav any friends.


No #40 was replying to a different comment and his comment got moved because fmylife.com glitches like that sometimes. Don't you people get that?

Anyway, I'm not ashamed that I read like every FML on this site and comment on most. So what if I have no life? Anyone who tells me there's anything wrong with that can fuck off.

And I agree that M13L0 is a stupid troll who must have something wrong with their mind that they still manage to derive pleausre from all their stupid trolling. He's almost as bad as jandersonii. Trolls like them don't seem to understand that woman-bashing slurs are no longer funny when they've been done to death.

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

Pft, DivineInstrument, what are you talking about? Jandersoniii is the shit. :3

Seriously though, you're right. These FMLers need to learn how to ignore trolls and not 'roid rage every time they see a stupid comment by one. Trolls don't feed themselves.

  mcsnelly  |  5

Putting tampons in a ziploc or anything is completely not necessary so it's not her fault. She uses a purse for a reason-to keep things in. She doesn't need something to keep tampons in to keep inside her purse.



Well your version of this FML would be:
Today, a man held a door open for me while I fished my umbrella out of my very cluttered bag. As I was opening my umbrella, I turned to thank him for being such a gentleman. Instead, a knife that had apparently wedged itself into the folds of my umbrella flew into his face. FML

Yeah, now that would be a real FML

By  hazelwolfeyes  |  0

XD LMAO!!!!!!
oh man...
i wouldve just stood there quietly. make it way more awkard til he walks away...o.o...just stare at him...
though...he was being a gentleman...once thought extinct...could they be coming back?! :gasp!: lol
^-^ hope he laughed about it. it was an accident, he couldnt have taken it badly could he have? o.O