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Today, a man from across the bar looked at me, pointed and said "MMMM, now THAT'S what I want." Offended, I confronted him to tell him I felt disrespected by him referring to me as 'that.' Turns out, he was pointing to the cheeseburger that the waitress behind me was holding. FML
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Siren_00 0

Too many FMLs come from women assuming men are admiring them when they're not. You'd think people would learn by now. Besides, even if he was, you don't have to be so rude about it.

That must of been a good looking cheeseburger. Either that, or you might have a yeast infection.


xmojo3934 0

hahha. ydi

To be fair, cheeseburgers are delicious

platypuscatrat 0

YDI for thinking you're attractive enough to be referred to like that.

Kyothine 0

YDI for being a dumb feminist.

bleedinginside 0

YDI for not being hawt enough to be the burger

ya ydi stop being so selfconsumed

mmmmmm donuts

ydi for being between a man and a cheezburgur. gtfo the way bitch. SERIOUSLY FUCK

stuck up biatchhh. ydi ho

YDI for over reacting take it as a compliment bitch jeeze

That must of been a good looking cheeseburger. Either that, or you might have a yeast infection.

#2 you're bad, but you're funny.

LeoF_fml 0


You fucking feminazi.

cxal_fml 0

If you seriously thought for a moment that this reply was appropriate, Travel, then you can only be a gay man who is absolutely terrified that a woman could be considered his equal. No real man would be afraid to see a woman who doesn't appreciate being treated like crap and isn't afraid to speak up when it appears its happening

STVader 0

oh come on, the old fogy wasn't even referring to the girl as "THAT" anyways. He was obviously referring to her T&A. Which are "that"s.


she's not a feminazi but the fact she always thinks people are ALWAYS talking to her and commenting about makes her A. a little miss princess bitch B. Very high self-esteem Besides cant u tell the guy is looking through you? wait u confronted him? OMG besides if he was taling to you he was saying it as a pickup line if anything, obviously a guy looking at girl saying he wants that would mean he KNOWS your a girl.

Bathory_fml 0

No one was being treated like an object except for the cheeseburger, this woman just mislead herself in to believing he was talking to her. Last time I checked, food doesn't get offended. And actually, his comment is just about as offensive to women as your comment is towards gay men, cxal. Way to call the kettle black.

lmmmr 0

Personal pronouns exist in order to differentiate between a human and an object. Referring to a human using a non personal pronoun is objectifying. You lose.

Humans are objects. You lose.

eeee93757 0

If you're such an avid supporter of woman's rights, answer this question to me: If a woman hits a man, do you think it is acceptable for him to hit her back?

lmmmr 0

No, I don't. I also don't think it's acceptable for women to hit men. And really, who is not a supporter of women's rights?

Bullshit. I rarely curse, but this is one instance where your blatant lie made me pissed enough. I hate it when women state "No, men shouldn't hit women. And I also think women shouldn't hit men" But we all know you're lying and just being politically correct. You and I and everyone else knows that if you saw a woman kicking a guy in the nuts, you'd laugh or at least smile.

Or, you know, some of us just don't care for violence... That's ridiculous and generalizing. Aggressive behaviour is good for solving absolutely nothing and to be honest, I'd be more inclined to defend a man who just got kicked in the balls rather than the woman who kicked him. As much as I hate women who act like all men are out to get them, I hate guys who act the same way. You people need to get your shit straight: there are 3.4 billion of each respective gender on the planet, and they're not all identical, nor are they out to get you. Jesus Christ.

#82 i don't agree with you. i don't think a woman should hit a man, or a man should hit a woman. and i'm not lying. and i'm a girl. we're not all like that. because since we're human, we're not all the same. dur. both genders should be equally respected

Redneck325Ci 0

As should The Beatles.

harlehatschi 0

i would say it's not acceptable for anyone to physically abuse another person in the first place, but equality doesn't always mean the exact same treatment for everybody. there are physical differences between men and women that make it all the more unacceptable for a man to hit a woman. if a child hits you, you wouldn't hit them back with the amount of force with which you're capable. trying to undermine women's rights advocates by saying that equal treatment means that one person should be permitted to exert superior physical strength over another is just stupid.

I more or less agree with you, but the gay man part? Do you know any gays who hate women? Maybe replace "gay man" with "insecure man who was picked on in highschool".

Wanna hear a joke? Womans Rights XD LMAO

NDnation44 0


azhein 0

110 I have no problem with equal rights for women and I don't think a man should hit a woman, but to say you want equal rights and then pick and chose which ones you mean is contradicting yourself.

Not necessarily. A woman could do some serious damage. If someone dared do that to a male friend of mine or a family member she would probably be in the hospital shortly after.

shanemomo 0

Hmmm cheeseburger or women... Easy choice!

Yes, it is! First I go for the girl, but then I end up with the cheeseburger!


NGM_47 0

You were offended that he liked you!? (even if that wasn't the case) You must be conceited to even think that you were likeable since he obviously wasn't talking about you....

She was offended at being called "that" and referred to in such an objectifying manner.

NGM_47 0

well it really doesn't matter since he wasn't talking to her she deserved it

lmmmr 0

Because you have never thought someone was talking to you when they weren't? This situation is absolutely no different than that. OP- Good for you.

You deserve it for being a presumptuous whore.

lmmmr 0

What makes her a whore exactly? And have you never mistaken someone for speaking to you when they were not? Tool.

Siren_00 0

Too many FMLs come from women assuming men are admiring them when they're not. You'd think people would learn by now. Besides, even if he was, you don't have to be so rude about it.

OMG Girl, you are my hero. It's nice to know there are some girls on here who aren't absolute feminazis.

More than one, I assure you. It's a shame that so many women think they're such a prize. They desperately need to get over themselves.

badmandilon 19

#92 you're such a prize for real. With that comment you got all my respect. I completely agree with your comment.

easylazy 0

Why were offended that a guy likes cheeseburgers????????????????

seb12992 0

This idiot must have poor reading skills. She thought he was talking about her.

Antonio718 0

With that attitude towards men...*cough*cough*Lesbian*cough*

jncwmnd 0

have something against lesbians?? (Im not but my aunt is) OP- BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! thats hilarious ^_^ ...reminds me of post #170218

Antonio718 0

WTF? I never said that. All i said was she MIGHT be a lesbian

lmmmr 0

And you might be 12. Why is that relevant?