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  sparklyre  |  6

"You are female? Then anything bad that happens is your fault. If you'd engaged with him, I'd be saying you should've just ignored him, engaging with him was encouragement."

By  Mortoli  |  30

i mean i understand hating him for that but at same time. you could have been nice/decent and said hi back. all the guy said was hi. its not like he started asking a next to impossible quiz type question to get the mood going. and if you didnt want to talk all you had to do was politely say hi get through basic questions but then say im sorry im here with a friend etc yeah.

  Ed Munson  |  14

Just a "hi" used t be a common courtesy, but now it is so age and gender filtered that nobody can just reply with a simple acknowledgement of "hello". Did he say he wanted anything more that made her think he was hitting on her, or was a serial killer? I just wish we could all be nice to each other and not have to be intentionally rude. Rubbing the junk, however, deserved a shot with a taser!

  Juraj Repinac  |  5

If girls today weren't so uppity and roll their eyes at every "hi" turned to their direction, perhaps guys wouldn't be so angry or desperate as to resort to such idiotic measures. Sadly, it's not OP's fault, but I believe most guys are just tired of constantly being rejected simply because they're male and interested.

By  Matt Much  |  12

Maybe I'm off base here but I don't understand the blame the victim role. I am perfectly comfortable ignoring people I don't wish to talk to, even if it's only a "hi." Frankly, I don't see how the OP or myself owe anyone anything.