By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Maybole
Today, a man asked about fishing in the river which flows beside where I work. I said you could, but anything you caught under 5 inches has to be thrown back. His wife then said, "Wish I knew that before I married him." I started to laugh. The man almost cried and complained to my boss. FML
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  interesting33  |  36

Hey I think it sounds like it is something much much deeper. And to be honest if it was a guy saying something to a girl about that then the reactions would be completely different. The wife sounds somewhat abusive.

  PrimeRuler  |  2

Crying is over the top but the OP said he ALMOST cried so he actually didn't. Anyway, making jokes about a guy's meat is like making a joke about a girl's weight. Classless. But everyone seems to take this less seriously because of double standards against guys.

  TogeBara  |  12

ever thought that maybe he knew she was serious and that he was crying over the fact that he thought he married someone he loved that turned out to be a colossal bitch?

Either she has a tendency to humiliate him in public or he is really super sensitive and can't take a joke.
Either way OP, lesson learned. To be honest, I would probably have laughed too, that was a classic burn.