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  SillyPoop  |  0

Nasty ass Pervert! We all know "boys" go to the malls to look at "hot" chicks...but to actually make a sign that says free hugs goes much further and I probably would have went up to you and punched you instead. You. got off easy.

  maxwayt  |  0

that's justified. I hate it when people do that. are you thy lonely? you look like a freak holding a sign advertising hugs. i wish I Could have torn that up myself.

  killdozer1  |  2

We, as citizens of the mall, are tired of the mall cops' draconian law and tyranical rule. We must rise up and rebel, my comrads! We will not tolerate this any longer! We will fight for our right to carry FREE HUG SIGNS AT THE MALL!!!

By  Idontgivedamn  |  0

Thats some bullshit, he has no right to do that. Like most mall cops he probably has inferiority complex where he has to act powerful to make up for the fact that he's actually next to worthless.

  premiermois  |  5

Yeah, he can do that, under certain circumstances. We don't know the rest of the story, and I'm guessing OP is probably at fault for something other than having a 'Free Hugs' sign.

Which, in and of itself, is creepy. Even moreso if OP is a fifty year old, unshaven beer-gut sporting pedophile.

  ivdrscg  |  2

Not necessarily, I got in trouble for "free hugs" and I was a 16 year old girl at the time. Not creepy at all. Just making people smile.

  BeeSkwaird  |  0

That's why you get it on a T-shirt!

And, btw, it's ONLY creepy if he's initiating the hugs. If he's just holding a sign and letting other people take the initiative, how can it be creepy? Especially if he has a sign—some people appreciate the frontal blockage that signs provide.