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At least you got the shoes you wanted! :)

Well at least he had great customer service skills!


At least you got the shoes you wanted! :)

Maybe they should offer him a job!

Ba ha ha! This FML is hilarious. (Thankfully it wasn't a creepier situation.)

That's what I'm thinking. She got good shoes; he got what he wanted! It's a creepy win-win!

Well at least he had great customer service skills!

What surprises me is how she didn't notice that he wasn't an employee... They usually wear a uniform so we can distinguish who works for the shop and who doesn't (at least where I live).

not necessarily, in a lot of smaller shops there are no uniforms just people dressed normally who work there which causes confusion it happened to me several times

#2 that's a point to be noted.. who knows if op was trying to flirt with him so that she could gain some discount

They may just wear a shirt of a certain color, making it easy to pose as one.

11- Lol, a couple of years ago, I was in a Walmart in black jeans and a plain white t shirt, trying on work boots. My wife had my jacket and was off looking at something else, so when I found what I wanted, I carried the box in front of me and stood looking down the isles for her. Some guy and his wife stopped me and started asking me where I kept the Kodiak brand, since he said I obviously work in this department, so, I took him back to where I came from and helped him out. ;) He got what he wanted, thanked me for the assistance, and off he went. I barely kept a straight face the whole time, but if he wanted to jump to conclusions, who was I to correct him? :) So not everyone wears a uniform per say in sales, I guess. They just have to have a bland taste in fashion, such as myself, lol! ;D

26- I actually had the opposite experience. I worked at Target for a couple of months and several times a week I would get people asking if I worked there, as if my Target uniform and name-tag were just a coincidence. -.-!

Where is this mysterious all female shop, I suddenly feel the need for new shoes.

Good thing you weren't in a lingerie store!

What, so it didn't tip you off when he stroked your arches, his pupils dilated with a smile slowly spreading across his face? No? Okay then. Edit: Ahaha, I make an unusual attempt to be funny, and I read the FML wrong. I thought he was helping her try on shoes. Oh well. *crawls in hole*

way to correct yourself to make yourself sound stupid.

judging by the amount of thumbs up clearly it didn't #86.

Shoulda found the guy and asked for a massage afterwards

Al Bundy strikes again!

They should hire him

Yea I wasn't gay, but thanks for the show.

Hey at least you found some shoes