By srsly_what - United Kingdom
Today, a little girl wandered into the glass-cleaning area of the pub I work at. It's a dangerous place for a little kid, so I took her hand and asked where her mum was. The kid starts screaming and the mother appears in the doorway shouting "GET AWAY FROM MY BABY!" FML
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  chlorinegreen  |  27

I don't think it's the kid. If some big scary adult came and grabbed my hand when my parent's have, for the however many year's I've lived, told me to run and scream. I would scream. If I was the parent and saw someone hold my child's hand I would of kicked. HARD. Then call the cops notifying them of a kidnapper.


*sigh* or 26 you could demand why he/she was holding her hand before you kick. What if the situation was different and the guy/girl was trying to save your kid. then you kicked him outta way then your kid got in trouble, but that's just a "what if" point is violence is not a good way to start.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

26 - seriously? it's more the parents fault for letting the kid out of there site, and even if the kid got away and you see an adult with them you can't just kick them!! idiot.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

*sigh* This is why we can't have nice things.

I get that some people set off the stranger danger alarm immediately, but violence isn't always the best response. Yeah, if I had a kid, I might react that way, if I saw a guy(or even a woman) take his/her hand and my kid screamed, I won't lie, but it's not always the best reaction: When my sister was a kid, she used to get confused and start going off with strangers, taking their hands, often, thinking it was my mom or dad. The only time the person didn't help her find our parents was, contrary to popular belief, a woman outside a church, ironically. Not everyone is bad. I'm 6'6", and a little built, I'm sure I set off people's stranger danger alarm, even though I know I would never hurt a kid.
The solution to this problem, potentially, is to avoid holding the kid's hand. Do not touch the kid in any way. Ask them if they know where the parents are, then offer them your hand. A kid is less likely to trust someone who just up and grabs them than someone who talks to them first.

It's not your fault, though, OP. just be careful when dealing with kids.

If I'm not mistaken a pub, is pretty much a bar? Who takes their kid into a bar?

  chlorinegreen  |  27

Oh geez. depending on the situation. obviously I wouldn't go right out and kick someone! but I would definitely be thinking what can I do? I would be scared someone was taking my child. my first reaction isn't going to be oh there just bringing my child back to me. call me over protective. whatever.
OP don't ever touch a child unless you have absolutely have to. I work in a childrens store and there are some things you just can't do. sry bout ur situation.

  roogee82  |  0

This is the Pussifacation of the world. Somehow pub employees doing their job have become child touchers and pedo bears. And every single guy out there wants to bang your child... Jesus people stop listening to the news. It's all horrible for instances and bad out comes. Come up with your own opinions, don't just let the news give u yours.

  TheFection  |  0

#115~ yeah but your hair is red not blond. I know dirty blondes and you are not one. also every time I see your pic, it seems like you're pickin your nose cuz your phone blends in and your finger's in the perfect place. haha it keeps making me laugh.


American ignorance. lol. almost as retarded as those americans that came over for the Royl wedding. you have a big day to celebrate ditching Britain then you come back to watch an English prince get married. WTF

  Jaxx66  |  21

Sure, maybe it's ok legally to take a kid into a pub/bar in places- but I'd rather it be illegal so that the kids don't get killed because those people who believe they are sober when they try to drive home.

  ButlerOfChaos  |  7

Are we not allowed to be friends. Just because we are separate does not mean we are not of descent and still care not of your wellbeing. Also not all Americans are ignorant you ignoramus, the worst do not stand for the rest nor the best.

  Kazze  |  31

140: Some comments deserve long, well-thought-out replies, and others deserve short ones. Yours deserves two words: fuck off.

"American ignorance" makes you look like a real bitch, as evidenced by all the down votes you deserve.