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So sad. ps I win !

Just stay on the phone try n make the kid laugh itll make him feel better. Laughter heals alot. It's good karma

should have said "too bad" that would be so funny

only the voice of Morgan freeman can console a child who has Lost his grandmother . shoulda started playing clips from Bruce almighty and march of the penguins over the phone. problem solved

that was great #69

69 well played

haha, sixty nine:-p

first REAL fml I've ever heard

OP, how is this an FML on your behalf? You're stupid.

Wow this is the first time I've seen a 2 character comment make top two.... Holy crap good job

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'Fml' is not a limited resource. OP's fml doesn't subtract from the kid's.

By golly doc, I… I think you've… you've cracked it. Listen to this guy, people! He knows stuff!

...why? I just read the FAQ and they said nothing pertaining to this situation...

47 - you're not supposed to say how shitty an FML is when you read stupid ones. I got reported for doing that....

Weeeeell... that's not in the FAQ...

he did the kid a favor by coming here and sharing. now we all get a good laugh.

#81 That is not funny!!! You are an asshole

you should have told him that you killed him

Killed him ? His grandMA. Try again.

How ignorant of you sir .

I thought it was hilarious…

Hermaphrodites have lives too!

6- first of all, when you say grandma, it implies that it's a girl. Second of all, you're a retard.

sooo funny! not.

You're just an asshole. I'm sorry no one loves you.

Damn...poor kid...

just say it your causing him more pain

how is this an FML?

Just don't advise that he talk to a priest for support.

Kid: Grandmaa dieedddd! :'( OP: Uh... well ... that's sad. Kid: She was so young! I remember a time when.. blah blah blah blah .. ( 30 mins later) OP: Sorry kid, wrong number. Kid:...... You mean I just wasted thirty fucking minutes on you? OP: I guess so ... Kid: Oh you bastard... You don fucked up now..

LMFAO that right there, just made my life soo much better!

you wld be an asshole paaa...

That's really sad ):

Do you not feel sorry for the OP (and of course the little boy)? I would hate to be in that situation.

pity is a dirty, useless emotion.

How very emo of you.