By kerensa - 15/07/2012 05:51 - Australia - Mornington

Today, a lady threw a coke bottle at my head because she had a non-winning lottery ticket. FML
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The_SkyCantLimit 5

You're obviously the magical fairy who controls the lottery number outcomes. Get your shit together.

Did you throw it back?


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smd... shaking my dick? what is wrong with you?

actually its "suck", not "shaking".

Yes MattBC97, we all understand that you enjoy pleasuring yourself with an abrasive pad while erotically tweaking your nipples to Rebecca Black, but what does that have to do with this FML?

toenibbler 14

Your parents must be so proud.

toenibbler 14

At number 1 of course

You had the chance to be the first commenter and that is what you decided to say?

Sir, you just wasted valuable commenting space.

Did you throw it back?

Awww they deleted my comment ):

OP could have just said "losing lottery ticket" ...

2- your picture says it all. OP- Was it a glass bottle? If it was, FYL. If it was a plastic bottle, it still sucks, but I wouldn't consider it an FML.

The_SkyCantLimit 5

You're obviously the magical fairy who controls the lottery number outcomes. Get your shit together.

cupcakekallie 6

fun fact here, but there's a better chance you will die on your way buying a lotto ticket than you are to actually win the jackpot on the lottery.

OP...did YOU have the winning ticket? :D

ryguy83 2

What does OP mean

Original poster. There. No we don't have to sit through a ton of replies of stupid things abbreviated as "OP".

tandem123 6

Damn it, 78. I was saving "obtuse plankton" for a comment like that.

MexicanGinger 5

They could've googled it too lol :p

You should have told her you had the winning one, and then ran away so she couldn't throw anything else.

momolee 4

I heard hitting the OP's head with a bottle brings good luck

CoolRainbowdash 15

I would shove the lottery ticket down her mouth. }:D

MindFreakazoid 10

Violence is always the answer. That wasn't even sarcasm >:3

Maybe she wanted to start a difficult game of catch?

Hahah that's one way to look at it.

The_SkyCantLimit 5

Your picture with this comment...just perfect.

Or a ghost shopper checking yor reflexes.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I would like to know why 7 people think that OP deserves having this happen to her. Wasn't OP's fault :/ I know it's douches and trolls but oh well :p

coolbrony12 3

That happens on so many FMLs. Agreed.

Could also be people clicking YDI for everything for the sake of the "Judgemental"/"YDI master" badges.

Well, obviously you should have given her a winning ticket ;)