By ThrewItOntheGrooooooound - Denmark - Odense
Today, a kind cyclist rode up next to me to inform me that my bag of groceries was about to fall off. Exceedingly careful, I slowly brought my bike to a halt. Only at the very second I stood still did I hear the dreaded "twang" as my carrier broke, and my stuff smashed to the ground. FML
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  myGRAM  |  14

Where I live a bicycle is considered a vehicle and is legally entitled (required) to ride on the road. I there is no specific bike lane, then there is nowhere else to go than in the main driving lane. Most of them don't obey any other laws though >.

  9a_z1  |  11

It drives me nuts when cyclists zoom along the pavement when they're meant to be on the road. I'm fine looking out for them when I'm driving but would prefer not to have to dive out of the way when I'm walking along minding my own business.