By shellski - 21/01/2012 01:21 - United States

Today, a kid from school came to my house. He asked my dad if I was at home, because we were "planning a bit of the old, you know…" and made an obscene gesture. Now I'm grounded for a month, and no matter what I say, my dad won't believe that I've never even spoken to the kid before. FML
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Go to his house and tell his mom you're pregnant with his child.

How did he find where you live..?


How did he find where you live..?

What are you trying to spell? O.o

1- ever heard of Facebook? Myspace? Old fashioned stalking?

12- Who puts their address on Facebook? Maybe city, but actual address is a bit much.

That's a really good idea for a prank

Want me to take care of your "problem" op?... My price is very doable...

you should be proud, you've encountered a master troll

I watched her walk home after school many times

Ignore n_epic_fail, OP. Amatures don't know what they're talking about. Meet me at location "One-Alpha" to discuss prices, methods of "practice", and the target at hand. It's all in the e-mail I sent you.

The powers of google

Google Maps : Providing exact coordinates to stalkers everywhere! Don't you just love how the Internet makes it so easy for people to be creepers...

31- Google maps still requires an address?

33, A lot of people use foursquare, or "check in" their location on Facebook. Both can be done by OP, or a friend of theirs, indicating that this is OP's residence. Also, since it's a classmate, they could be on the same bus, or maybe he could have seen the book of addresses for his class. Some schools have those. Another way is to look at the .exif data on someone's photos. With GPS enabled smartphones, it could embed your exact location in there. Tons of options, and that ain't even half of it.

This kind of reminds me of the FML where a few kids asked their neighbor if he wanted to join the Westside. All I can say is, "You darn hooligans. Get off my lawn."

I would literally beat the crap out of him the next time I saw him at school.

31- you would still need the address to find the house on google maps... idiot...

Wow. You're a real man. Calling girls names. You should get your ass beat pubk

78- Did you not see me say the same thing right after she said that? You're the idiot.

Old fashioned school directory? Gotta hate those buggers. ShroomsOnAcid is probably right.

was this kids name Ed McMahon

If I had a dollar for every time that happend....

bamagrl410 31

82 - I was going to say the same thing. In the public schools I went to, unless you specifically requested to be left out, your name, grade, address and phone number were printed in the school directory. So it's possible that was the culprit, or I guess checking in on foursquare like others suggested.

Evil genius!

***evil bastard genius!

I say it's time for a bit of the old... you know... ass whooping!

yeah cause that's not creepy or weird at all

60- he was definitely using sarcasm. But op seems like you have a future stalker on your hands

HAHA I would stalk that kid and go do the same thing to him!

What if his parents say "Go ahead and fuck him. Seriously, just fuck him fucking hard until he fucking breaks his fucking orgasm gland shit because that little, horny fucktard has been going around town trying to fuck every girl from his school." or they shut the door like a normal parent would instead of using vulgar language against a teenager that offend their child.

Try again in a different fashion. I suggest the "I'm here for my crack, where's mah crack? Your son promised me crack!" Method.

Or ask him if OP wants to represent the West Side. Be sure to wear gang-related clothing, just to get into character.

54- lol that's from another FML way to incorporate it

Go to his house and tell his mom you're pregnant with his child.

Who said OP was a girl? ;) "2/3 One of us is dead... Shh"

34 OP herself, guess what the little pinkish purple symbol means by the FML?

Ummm, a gangster necklace?? :F

This is the part where someone says "o a gangsta neklac wud b tight dawg. Swag! Swag! Swag!" but yet it would be pretty awesome to see someone wearing a necklace like that.

Omg what? ;)

I would be more worried about a creep who knows where you live than being grounded

Find him and spray paint his house in yellow dicks

That sir, is the way to go.

This dude got game...

Tell your dad your a hooker then he will unground you

Your* It's amazing how one can be in 17 and not understand basic english....

I love how ppl r freaking out about 14s spelling and not the fact that he said op should tell her dad shes.a hooker so she can get ungrounded ':/