By chloeguest97 - 20/09/2011 15:15 - United Kingdom

Today, a guy who I hate commented on my Facebook profile picture that I "look like I've fallen off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down." 60 people liked this, including my boyfriend and best friend. FML
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heylesha 8

time for new bestfriend and boyfriend?

If you hate him, why are you friends with him on Facebook?


heylesha 8

time for new bestfriend and boyfriend?

Time for a new profile picture :)

Jdimp 1

time to delete some friends

They were all (save the original poster) probably joking.

LiveLaughFML 10

at least he didnt comment saying "you look better in the dark" ? =)

OP is an idiot don't add people you hate and they can't comment on your shit

They probably thought he was joking, some might not even have known that you hated him. Then again, it was quite disrecpectful of the people who knew about it to like his comment. FYL

South park kicks ass. Thumbs up 53

Madiluvsyuh98 2

23 i thought you were talking about the commenter!

Why do people take something as trivial as Facebook likes so seriously? If anything, my friends, girlfriend and I are more likely to make and like negative comments about each other than anyone else. It's a joke on Facebook of all places, it's not supposed to be serious and it shouldn't suggest that your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend dislike you at all.

fakeaccountX 6

Oh, 2011, where people get emotionally upset over Facebook matters...

damn, 60 likes??? I have never got over 20 on anything!!

Why would you have someone you hate on Facebook?

This line was used in Saving Private Ryan.

If you hate him don't have him on Facebook

RedSharpieInk 5

OMG he said the tree was ugly??!! He's so mean!! And poor got insulted... :'(

monkeys1315 0

They were probably just joking and op is taking it to seriously

pinkpolarbear 8

63, You mean better with the lights off?

Oh I have a disease! I have a disease called RFBS (restless facebook syndrome) and It's an on going epidemic of massive proportions! ;(

hamncheeseinit 6

No just move away from the 60 people

jey, next time reply- "Their must have been a mix up on tree's because i think im beautiful" ohhh burn.... nevermind.

bitchslapped22 14

Don't hate anyone

I love that movie!!

22cute 17

Those are not real friends. Lose them.

Jammy01jams 2

They likely assumed he was joking and using an epic quote from Saving Private Ryan. Or you are that ugly... Although I'd hope not.

Unfriend the fool.

Thats what u get when you add at random

You can delete the comment..

blair_x 12

It's actually a quote from "True Romance." Maybe it's a sign, OP.

YDI it OP... Don't have people you can't stand as friends on facebook

BellaBelle_fml 23

Some people have their profile set to where anyone can see or comment on it.

Bbhd05 0

Rofl I'm the person that commented that on OP's picture!!

baby_dee97 8

Right cuz your profile says you live in u.s but op's says she lives in u.k

Why are you friends with him?

189- ...why would you advertise that you do drugs in your profile? That's retarded

208 maybe it's just cause I live in California but most people have smoked weed and are not looked down upon

Naw, #208 probably means it's sketchy. Like walking into a police station and asking a cop if he wants to buy a G. Not as extreme but you get what I'm trying to say. Lol.

hellbilly205 17

This is actully a song by rebel son

ikickgingers 15

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The problem is that OP has Facebook. Nuff said.

The problem is, that her boyfriend and her best friend said she was ugly, did you read the FML at all?

ikickgingers 15

Agreed, deleted mine after high school - too much drama.

ikickgingers 15

You say potato, I say vodka.

flockz 19


flockz 19

i slept with your sister.

ikickgingers 15

That wasn't my sister :/

phoenixslayer69 4

Mmm potato vodka and a sister sounds like a slow Tuesday to me

drawmesunshine 17

I've never had trouble with drama on Facebook. Or at school. I'm like the anti-dramatic. And it seems like I'm the only one :/

ikickgingers 15

I'm the only girl in my family. I have two older brothers and more than a handful of cousins. If they drive by my place and I'm not home - my phone rings. If they see my car somewhere - my phone rings. If a guy looks at me in front of them... Yeah Facebook is just as bad... They think I'm five.

I see dead people.

81 it was my sister flockz, except I don't have a sister just a brother who looks like a sister. 0.0

176 - I read your profile, and you sound like an egotistic douche.

193 I read your profile and guess what I learned about you, absolutely nothing.

Nobody missed you. Nobody probably even noticed you were gone.

Your insensitive.

I had 10 weeks

Nanaki_fml 0


kaileb 7

Well **** them

tomatorawr3 0

Except the boyfriend. DON'T **** him xD

polocity 0

No need for that salty language

isn't that from Saving Private Ryan?

If you hate him, why are you friends with him on Facebook?

Because OP is stupid.

Just what I was going to say.

keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

OP is probably one of those people with 1,500 friends because they add every single person they've ever met, seen, or heard about.

If you have an open profile, you don't have to be friends with them for them to be able to post comments. -__-' FYL OP.

If OP doesn't want people she hates commenting on her profile, she should restrict it so only her friends can see what she posts.

The more friends you have on facebook, the more you win at life. South Park proved that.

Perfect saying

53- South Park can't prove anything, ever.

OP's privacy settings are probably "friend's of friend's". So she might not be friend's w/ the guy she hates, but it would explain why he was able to comment.

Lily_lops95 0


alexowitz: he still wouldn't be able to comment on her photos. just look at them.

heylesha 8

no 106.. she was right.

Spartan55 0

I've seen someone with about 3500 friends

zowieandzander77 1

Anyone can comment if your privacy settings are not set to only allow friends to do so

starryxeyes 2

Then again, it's possible that the guy was able to comment on OP's picture because a mutual friend tagged themselves in it... I set my stuff to friends only, but recently one of my relatives tagged themselves on one of my pictures and it received comments from their friends.

No 53 that episode of south park simply proves how stupid Facebook is. They basically make fun of every aspect of it. And wanna know something funny? They're right.

skata 4

71- ... dont go there

177- That's what I was implying through sarcasm. Sorry if you didn't catch it. Btw I "like" your pic.

hellokitty76 1

thank you , said the same thing when i read it before seeing the comments

Exactly what I thought ^

Mousie1097 5

You do know people can comment on pictures even if their not friends, stupid. All of you are stupid

cardinal_jade 5

Says the hoe.

mistersheezy 7

Sounds like you know a lot of assholes.

Sounds like she needs a lot of cosmetic surgery.

Maybe they thought he was kidding and thought it was just a funny joke so they liked it. And if they didn't, then they are assholes. Also if you hate this person how did they comment on your picture? You need to make your profile private or at least block people you hate.

All your friends are dicks. Get a new boyfriend, too.

Did you start hating him before or after this? :P

Well since the FML says "the guy I hate.." I'm guessing it was before this