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What a snooper. Maybe speak to your church?

Already you're getting noticed?


Already you're getting noticed?

Plot twist the "guy" works at the church..

Noticed in a creepy way.

Plot twist - and he's taken a vow of celibacy

What a snooper. Maybe speak to your church?

Tell the dude that Jesus stated "Thou must leave the number of a maiden on the roster, for thou to taketh the maidens number from the roster without her knowledge or consent is creepy."- Personal Space/ Privacy: 3:16

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Being stalked isn't something to be flattered about.

#5 Obviously you don't understand stalking, it's way more serious than somebody getting your number off a sheet and calling you once.

Think his point is it's really suspicious behavior and it's something that is likely to come off unsettling or creepy rather than flattering.

Flattering would be the guy asking her directly for her number, face to face, like a normal person. This is not flattering, it's creepy.

The only time I'd take a girls number like this is if we were long time friends and I didn't have their number. I'd then text them soon after and ask if it were alright and that I'd delete the number if it weren't okay with them. Other than that, this sort of thing isn't flattering, it's creepy. You put your number on those in the trust that it won't be misused.

Hmm maybe I'm the only one looking at this differently. Honestly, it depends on their age. If they are adults, YES, it is extremely creepy. If they are kids, though, say middle or high school, it seems fairly normal to me. Shy kid, may have talked to her a few times, always wanted to call her, didn't know how to ask for her number, etc. If they are kids, I see it no differently than him sending his friend to talk to her friend to find out if she likes him. It's a ridiculous, roundabout way of getting things done, but that's the way kids act.

Its flat out creepy.

34 I can understand if they were young middle schoolers but not high schoolers, either way it is still super creepy

I would not take any chances call the police cause dude is obviously crazy

Idk if it has to go that far, maybe just block his number and politely ask him to leave you alone. If it progresses from there please, take #4's advice

Not sure exactly I've heard stories before say you are supposed to report anything strange so they have a record in case it goes any further. Personally I think for her safety she may want to report him just in case and yeah definitely block him and tell him to leave you alone

He needs help.

That's kinda creepy.

Not as creepy as getting her number from an AIDS walk list.

What a creep! Is that something you could talk to your church officials about? If he's doing it now you might not be the only one he's bothered. I can see why someone may think they deserve immediate access to others in what I assume is considered a closer/safe community. But that doesn't mean you're not strangers. Sorry, OP :(

Maybe next time fill out the sheet when he isn't around you, or tell the church, and they might be able to do something.

That's disturbing. Block his number, and also let the people at the church know, so that his behavior can be documented.

very creepy