By sonice - 18/08/2015 03:39 - United States - Duluth

Today, a guy asked me out on Facebook, then called me a conceited bitch when I said no. I don't know, dude; maybe it's just that I already have a boyfriend, that you asked me out on Facebook, and that you posted the same message on 4 other girls' walls as well. FML
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Well you might need to buy a whole gallon of water for how thirsty he is

Fuckboys at their finest


Well you might need to buy a whole gallon of water for how thirsty he is

1 gallon? I think you're being generous.

Fuck your life because you were called a bitch? Welcome to the internet

Steffi3 40

Doesn't sound like something you should worry yourself about. You're completely right rejecting him

Fuckboys at their finest

what an asshole

This is the only FML to date I've seen with 0 YDI votes.

Don't get too excited, there's almost 60 now -.-

lexiale 10

there are always people who vote YDI just to vote it.

Jellysweetheart 23

That must be true since now there's 806

people hit YDI by accident all the time and can't undo that's probably it

olpally 32

What a fucking moron... It must be hard being that fucking stupid. Lol geeze xD

Who still uses Facebook to pick up girls..?

Better yet, who EVER used Facebook to pick up?

As a male, it embarrasses me to read stories like this. When will they learn that mates are not entitled to us?

That sucks OP that jerk doesn't deserve you anyways and your current BF prolly loves you