By Iwtumn - 30/04/2015 18:15 - Austria - Deutschlandsberg

Today, a guy asked me for my number. Now I deeply regret giving it to him, because he won't stop sending me Bible quotes and pictures of Jesus. FML
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r_bruce69 19

pray for it to stop

"No! No! God please no! no! no! noooooooooo!" -Michael scott


"No! No! God please no! no! no! noooooooooo!" -Michael scott

One of the greatest sitcom scenes of all time from a rather unmemorable and mediocre sitcom.

yeah its been a while since I've watched that scene so I messed up the quote a bit. Oh well, close enough to have people know what I'm quoting :P


More like "No! NO! please no more God pics! No! No! Noooooooo!" -OP

Jesus freaks, gotta love em

How dare you bring up awful memories of Toby coming back from Costa Rica. I'm appalled at you sir. Nobody reminds me of Toby and gets away with it too!

r_bruce69 19

pray for it to stop

CODplayer4lyfe 24

And God said: "let there be cunts" And so there were cunts, and they were good.

This comment made me cut

Thou shall face the wrath of thee! I'm sorry OP :(

You do realize that thou and thee are both archaic forms of you, correct? That would mean your sentence reads: "You shall face the wrath of you!"

Really!?!? damn all those times i've used it like that. *facepalm* I was taught wrong!

Thou shalt not use archaic English.

Try kindly letting him know that you don't appreciate his messages and ask him stop. : )

i strongly agree with you #4

I don't know why this got downvoted sounds logical to me.

because it's a useless comment maybe?

What's his number because I need Jesus ??

If you Jesus go to church

you don't need church to find jesus.

Yeah. You have to go outside a Home Depot. Or is that the wrong Jesus?

You can find my Mexican freind Jésus to cut your grass

katydid91 31

Don't need his number. Just visit the record store in Quahog, Rhode Island.

ZombieVampirez 24

#54 home Depot is the place to go for everything

(pssst) Hey guys y'know I don't think it shows that we're now being sponsered by Home Depot

You missed my joke

Block his number

Do the same thing except with fifty shades of gray

xapocxbiggunx 4

Oh god (o_0)

That's what he said.

Please please do this

No. For this Jesus freak, do Fifty Shades of Gay.

send him a picture of a Satan and tell him you worship the devil maybe you'll scare him to be you OP but maybe now you'll learn not to just give your number out to anyone

#11 that would be very counterintuitive in most cases. It could be more of a motivation for him to keep sending her that stuff.

Sounds like he thinks you need a little Jesus in you! Maybe that's the name of his package!

Perhaps he just wants to save your soul. . . Can't hate on a guy for that

JustinJK 21

I don't want to be "saved". This shit is annoying.

Maybe God is trying to get OP's attention in the form of a hot guy, because that's who she'll give numbers to. HMMMMM

#14 Actually it's pretty easy to hate on someone who is both arrogant and annoying, and 'you need Jesus' types are both.