By Alone - 28/12/2012 05:24 - United States

Today, a girl mistook me for her boyfriend and broke up with me because I'm "a liar and a cheating bastard." I've never seen her in my life, but I'm so lonely that I tried to convince her to give me another chance and stay with me. FML
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That is a whole new level of creepy

Ask for some breakup sex ;D


That is a whole new level of creepy

...and incredibly stupid. He should've just told her the truth. If she mistook him for her boyfriend then obviously OP is her "type". He could have used that as a starting point to talk to her.

He should've said something like, "I'm not really your boyfriend... but I could be."

One may not want to pursue girls that cannot recognize their boyfriends from strangers.

am I the only one wondering how a girlfriend doesn't recognize her boyfriend??

Plot twist: OP and the girl's boyfriend are twins separated at birth

If it did work, it worked towards her actual boyfriends benefit.

You need to get out more, buddy.

Love is blind.

Obviously so is this girl.

Or maybe she has face blindness (prosopagnosia)? That's the only way I can see this happening unless it was a prank.

I think people can really look the same if they are physicaly the same and wear similar clothes. I even mistake mistook myself once!

78- how does one mistake one self?

104 humor maybe ?

And then when she figures out it wasn't her boyfriend...She's going to think you're a pedophile.

How do you know someone is a pedophile without knowing the ages of the people involved? But OP is indeed being creepy as fuck.

Dude get a life

Now that really makes you a liar... A little desperate?

No, just a regular guy.

How dumb is that girl... I mean seriously..

my thoughts exactly. how do you not know if its your boyfriend? they must have been really close

Maybe they only saw each other in the dim lighting of a pay by the hour motel.

I thought the same

You can't get someone back who wasn't even yours to begin with.

Ask for some breakup sex ;D

This guy has the right idea

I imagined OP looking like #12