By theultimatesalonfail / Monday 15 August 2011 00:47 / United States
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  a_nutritionist  |  10

the only way this makes sense is if hes asking how she can be sure the girl ran faster than an olympic runner, which either makes it a legitimately stupid question or a sad attempt at humour..

  ThanksKarma  |  0

Usually nail people will start your nails and then make you pay before painting them. You should do everything but the last two steps, and ask them to pay. I would say lock your customers in while you do their hair but they might think you're a creep.

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

Forgive me for being a dumbass, but is this referring to getting a version of a perm that straightens your hair, or is there a legitimate way to permanently straighten your hair? If there is, I'd really like to know

By  NOWAYJOSE  |  14

Well, how much were you charging her?