By jonchavez - United States - Trenton
Today, a girl asked me out on a date to some hot springs, about 2 hours away. After a mile hike, the springs were finally in sight. She then slipped and cut her shin open. I had carry her the mile back and drive her the 2 hours to the ER, where her parents, whom I'd never met, were waiting. FML
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  morella_xx  |  29

Exactly! Once her shin is healed up, you should ask for a do-over date. Unless you spent that mile walk back telling her she'd be easier to carry if she wasn't so fat, she's practically guaranteed to say yes.

  EdenCrystal  |  21

It may be more then just a cut shin. A lot is lost within the 300 character limit and OP may be understating it. She probably had a gash on her leg if she had to go to the ER.