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Today, a friend who visited me a week ago with "allergy rashes" told me that it's actually scabies, and she hopes I didn't catch it from her. It takes 2-6 weeks for the symptoms to show and I can't use the medication for it anyway because I'm pregnant. FML
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That's very inconsiderate of your friend to do knowing you're pregnant. Hope you didnt catch anything.

I hope you didn't catch anything, your friend is very inconsiderate to potentially put you through that!


That's very inconsiderate of your friend to do knowing you're pregnant. Hope you didnt catch anything.

This might seem a bit extreme, but if she gives you scabies and the medication you have to take for it harms the baby, you can press charges against her since she knew she had the disease.

Someone needs to play devils advocate. Has no one considered that maybe at the time she didn't know it was scabies... Maybe she honestly thought it was an allergy rash and just found out otherwise.

Judging by the way OP worded it, it seems as if the friend knew about it at the time.

It's really hard to tell when you have scabies for the first time, as it's not the scabies that actually make you itchy but the allergic reaction you have to it. I also thought it was just allergy for weeks until it got too itchy. It's likely OP did not catch it though, as it did not seem too developed yet but one never knows... Anyway +1 for the friend for speaking up rather than being too ashamed and leave OP with no clue

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Whether the friend knew what it really was or not she should still have put her pregnant friend in consideration.

#42 that doesn't make sense if her friend thought it was allergies; allergies aren't viral

Was she supposed to magically realize it was scabies?

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If OP's friend knew a week ago and wanted to lie about it, then why would she tell OP now? It's much more likely that she didn't know at the time. It's incredibly common for people with scabies to think the red itchy rash is just plain old contact dermatitis. Mites are microscopic. She probably went to see a doctor when the rash didn't clear up or got worse and told OP after being diagnosed.

I would shoot my friend. She's putting you and your baby in unnecessary trouble.

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I wonder if there might be a home remedy to try? I don't know much about scabbies, honestly. Hopefully it had levels of contegion and your friend was at the lowest level.

OP should see a doctor and not try any crazy herbal remedies she found online. Some plants used in natural medicine can be very harmful to pregnant women. ALWAYS see a licensed physician, attempting to self-medicate is a bad idea unless it's an absolute last resort, and even then I'd be wary...

I don't think so. she needs to talk to the Dr to get the body wash. I'm wondering why OP thinks that a body wash is going to harm a baby.

It used to be treated with colloidal sulphur which kills the mites; it's still used as a dip to treat mange (which is similar thing) in pets. It doesn't get into bloodstream, so would be safe when pregnant.

#29 Because topical treatments can still cause systemic effects. One of the topical treatments for scabies can cause convulsions.

I have a friend that cured scabies with mortein (insect killer for those outside australia) he sprayed his whole body and they all died.. lmao.

Sounds like a brilliant idea.

Just don't make any rash decisions.

I hope you didn't catch anything, your friend is very inconsiderate to potentially put you through that!

Your "friend" is an asshole and needs to be removed from your life. If she can put you and your baby at risk like that. She had issues. I really hope you didn't catch it.

Never invite that friend over again. it's hard to get scabies and you have to be in a phenomenally filthy place to get them. then on top of that she lied to a supposed friend about it. so, in summation, she's a bitch.

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Lol that's not true at all. Scabies is extremely contagious. I got it from the gym once.

Seriously not true. It spreads like wildfire.

Scabies spread through my middle school before and it was a pretty clean place. Plus I think it can transferred from animals to people and vice versa which makes it harder to treat.

Scabies is highly contagious and people of all social classes can get it. It's people like you that make things worse by stereotyping the groups of people that get it so people are too embarrassed to get treatment.

Unrelated, but I initially missed the "South" in your location, and thought you were from "Australia, Australia". I was about to look this place up.

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Ex-friend, I hope. If she would lie about something like this, what else will she lie about?

There's no real evidence she lied. She may have been mistaken.

Some friend you have! Risking the health of both you and your baby. That's so inconsiderate! I wish the best of luck for you and your family. I hope that so-called friend of yours will be more considerate in the future - if you do decide to keep her in yours.