By Morrowindwhore - 10/08/2009 22:22 - United Kingdom

Today, a friend of mine was talking about how he'd spent over 30 hours on Call of Duty. I piped up and said "Oh yeah! Well I've spent well over 300 hours on Morrowind! Beat that!" To which he replied, "I've had sex. Beat that!" I couldn't. FML
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Morrowind is AWESOME!

Lol, just lie and say you have too, but it was hot. ;]


be the sound of it you often "Beat That"

Replying to get to top. hehe, I am sneaky and original. But I digress - sex and videogames. the two things you can determine your lifes value from. how nice.

Wow ONLY 30 hours?! What a pussy! I probably spent 30 Days playing that (to which I'm not proud of). But 300 hours on whatever u said. Nerd. Just nerd.

How retarded are you? Just wondering

30 days of playing is a little more than 300 hours lol... Or have you just been playing for 30 days? Then you are the pussy for getting the game so freaking late?!


Normally Id take offence but with a name like Dickless theres no need. Go Die.

To be fair, Morrowind has been out for, what... five years? 300 hours spaced out over five years isn't too bad. But it all depends on when OP started playing.

Did you read the rest of the FML? Get laid much?

Hey man Iv got 435 hours on that game a dvive had sex

Hot Wheels! Beat That!

nerds :P hahahaha xD

I think one part that's better than this fml, is his name. Morrowwindwhore ;D amazing! hahaha

bs there was another one like this except Warcraft was 300 hours

you should have said I do t Lue about my sex life beat that!

Oblivion ftw

Someone has been spending too much time at "Earthly Delights" in Sudan

wow 30 hours that's it? Ive spent like 6 days now on that game...

Morrowind is the third installment of the elder scrolls games. The game skyrim my sound familiar? Well that's the news installment and it's the 5th one. These games are massive worlds with so many fun things to do, 300 hours is easy to pour into them

I have around 2 days on there. I think it just sucks. I get sooo pissed. Then I get on skyrim, go all vampire lord, and everything's better

Lol, just lie and say you have too, but it was hot. ;]

or bang his girlfriend and yell WHAT NOW jk

"What I slept with walks on 2 legs" yeah dude, just follow the low blow. He so pulled the out of context wiggle out. You had him topped.

LMFAO @ #51. Good idea!

lol # 51 great idea

lol #51 nice OP listen to #51!!

Really not something to be so proud of :/ >.> Oh boy I had sex! I'm a man now! I bet the girl didn't even like it.. Or guy o_O

Hahaha, I think the friend was just trying to show that he actually has a life outside his game (such as a girlfriend, or maybe just a hookup) whereas the OP spends so much time playing video games that he doesn't have any other life.

Do you people have lives? WTF? I mean I'm not knocking gamers or gaming in general but damn

Whaddya mean intercourse is not an achievement? Why I remember the first time I had sex, thinking "Yes! I've finally done it! I'm not a loser anymore!"

Okay, the FIRST TIME can be considered an achievement, but other times it's not quite so. Especially since you can just pay some idiot on the corner for it.

Could just be lying too...

So in order to have a life you have to have sex? To be able to spend 300 hours on that game they're probably in highschool.

only 30 hours of COD? F the frend's life

oh yeah well my brother has spent over 750 hours on pokemon diamond! *edit* and hes had sex!

Bullshit. No way someone who plays Pokemon Diamond that much gets laid. Just no way.

They could have gotten it the day it came out and play a while every day.

misty figurines make me does game boy i respectfully affirm your brothers statements ... no wheres that damn misty figurine...

i have personally spent over 600 hours playing the world ends with you i am also female, have had sex, and have had three serious relationships in the past four years

Girls who play games are hot, but girls in general can get laod much much easier! OP, YDI for playing a crappy game to begin with and then comparing it to another crappy game your friend had. Try Battlefield, it seems to get me head while I play it.

Well done. But to be honest it's a lot less impressive to get laid if you're a girl, as it's a lot easier.

its a long distance relationship, they can only have sex when they are both together and as they are both in college in different states it isnt too often, summertime they spend a good deal together and he has active share so every pokemon ever out currently he has level 100 in alphabetical order

152, 3 "serious" relationships in 4 years? Bitch please

Morrowind is AWESOME!

I agree, Morrowind is amazing. AND it's been out for over 5 years, so spending over 300 hours on it really isn't that big of a deal. I love that game. Sidenote: Who can't wait for the Elder Scrolls V!?

hell yeah morrowind is still one of the best RPGs of all time. but focus on something else for awhile, like getting a life. then go back to morrowind. p.s. call of duty sucks

It's possible to have a life AND play Morrowind (or Oblivion for that matter). In fact, I even *gasp* had a boyfriend when I spent most of my time on those video games. I'd go to class, play Morrowind/Oblivion for a couple hours, then hang out with people and do productive things. It's very possible. And Morrowind is so broad that you can play it for an entire year and still find new things to do.

Morrowind is a neverending game. With all the custom content from other users and the availability of modification software (IE: Construction Set) it is easy to rack up over 300 hours and not get bored. And trust me, OP, it could be worse... I have 700+ hours on Counter Strike.... My girlfriend has 200+. It's rather sad because she's better at me in it too. D: Don't feel bad. Sex is only overrated for those not having it.

How do you know that they are making an Elder Scrolls V?

They haven't officially announced it, but they've beaten around the bush. Plus, they put a bunch of copyrights on the name "Skyrim", leading most people to believe that the fifth installment will take place in the chilly home of the Nords!

I can't wait but stupid bethesda are concentrating on a new fallout first :/ I like fallout but it sucks major donkey balls in comparison to elder scrolls (p.s. I have sex with my bf most days and am a complete nerd ^_^ win win for me I think)

And now skyrim comes out in just about three months! I'm sure all the above are quite happy! I know I am. It looks amazing.

And now it has been out for a few months, so now they're happier!

Well hey, Morrowind is an amazing game, don't feel too bad.

Morrowind is AWESOME! I would love to play that again, but I lost the cd's and the stores here doesn't sell it anymore

Ha, I'll send you my copy, I havn't touched it in months

Would be awesome!

wat is morrowind u are all gamer no life fags i bet ur all virgins and u will continue 2 be

Percisely. Stop playing shitty waste of time games and get a fucking life.

Says the person talking trash on the internet...

Yeah! Nothing makes you have a life better than insulting people on the internet with your txt spk mk lok like fag yo wut look nerd. Lifeless idiot.

I think an inability to spell correctly and use punctuation is slightly more pathetic than spending a lot of time on an amazing video game. I don't see why people assume playing video games is such a nerdy, awful thing. It's just like actively participating in a movie or book, and is very entertaining. It's certainly better than trash talking people on the internet in a vain attempt at boosting your ego.

to bad my bf is a "gamer fag with no life" yet he gets laid quite often.

Oh, no. You`re a virgin. :( :( :( So the fuck what?